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Posted in The Term "Random" is the Adjective For This Poll on 2009-12-04 00:29:10

I did not think your poll was the best in existence. I have never heard of the game you mentioned, so how am I supposed to answer those questions? It wasn't very random either. If you want to see an actual random poll in which everyone can participate, check out The Ultimate Poll of Completely Random Questions.

Posted in Create Your Own Mystic World on 2009-07-04 04:13:51

This was a very good poll! I think you sould make more like it. I am really in to mythical creatures and my own words. My world is called Urithia. I am the Preist, wich is also the ruler of my race. (Elves) Preists are considered closest to the gods. I listen to my people, and i always hear them. Servants are treated well by their masters. Slaves are usually young maidens who have been kidnapped by dragons. Note: dragons aren't bad. Elves don't have pointy ears. I would know, i am an elf. And don't even think for 1 second that i'm a loon. I AM an elf and that is the truth. Lands in Urithia are: Matsadon, Cournhart, Nathuris, and Giants Country. Matsadon is warm and sunny all the time. 7 bright lights live above Matsadon. They are the spirits of light. That is why Matsadon is sometimes called the land of the 7 suns. Cournhart is always cold and most of the time, snowy. Matsadonians harvest frost jems from Cournhart. Even though they are rarley at peace. Cournhart is where Matsadonian nobles kidnap their slaves. Nathuris is much like our world, exept everything is huge. Kind of like Alice in Wonderland. Nathuris is home to the gulligug trolls. They Are pointy eared, cute little trolls that have jems in their bellys. They have colorful hair. Giant's Country is sort of self explanitory. It is home to the giants, orcs, Ogres, and other giant creatures. Each race in Giants Country decorates it's territory differently. Please ask me more questions about Urithia (I love answering questions.) Just at least post another thing PLZ! ~~HH~~

Posted in Older Girls Playing with Dolls on 2009-03-24 05:03:00

SuzanJane, I think your mom is wrong for treating you like a baby just because you play with dolls. I think it's nice that you like that and aren't afraid of what other people will think of you. I am 13 and i have played with dolls since i was 2. I don't like people to see me playing with them though, It makes me uncomfortable. Everyone has different things they enjoy, i think it's great that you are unique.

Posted in Most annoying kids show! on 2009-03-24 04:53:34

I really like mose kids shows. Don't be so shure that everyone hates them cuse i sure don't. I come home from work every day and turn on the PBS Kids station or Cubo. My favorite show in the whole world is a children and family telivision program called Gilligan's Island.

Posted in Punish me on 2009-01-06 02:29:54

Your poll was very vague. How are we suposed to know how to punish you if we don't know what you've done? Plz explain more precicley in future polls. P.S. Sorry for my spelling.

~~Holland Hottie~~