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Posted in Teens and Suppositorys on 2009-10-12 17:56:52

Suppositories for constipation are available here (N.A.) in most drugstores, and quite often one can find Gravol suppositories (for motion sickness, slight fever), and Female stuff suppositories (not always rectal), and sometimes aspirin suppositories (much more rarely), but other medication suppositories is usually by prescription.

Posted in Colonoscopy Experiences on 2008-08-05 04:00:01

I too have had one; definitely a colonoscopy, the anaesthetist put something in my IV, and the next thing I knew, I was waking up in recovery. Never felt a thing. Boy, what marvellous drugs they have now. Prior to passing out, the OR Nurse had got me to lay on my left side and move my Bare Bum out over the edge of the table. Two additional things; first, as part of my admission, I had to sign a release (unconditional) for the video; Nurse said it was so they could use it (the video) 'for instructional purposes'. I guess they can record what the little camera sees. I joked with the Nurse that that was was fine with me, just as long as it didn't show up on the Internet. Besides, I assumed that it would have to be one of only a few people I know who would be able to recgnize me from that angle. The other thing that was not mentioned in the survey is that because colonoscope (?) is equipped with little nippers, I was expected to grant permission for polypectomies as found. Yes, I had to sign a release for that as well (of course). On the followup visit, the doctor assured me that no cancer was found (Yay!!!), and only one polyp was removed (I assumed that that was all that he found). I do agree that the prep for it was not good; it was more a nuisance than anything else. The power laxative, and the fasting for in my case 36 hours. Should have been 32 but there were emergency cases, and I was bumped for 4 hours. All in all, because of the 'sedation', I felt nothing during the procedure, and after I awoke, there was no soreness or anything. It sounds super scary, I know, but it was not that bad.

Posted in The New "Potty Parity" Poll on 2008-08-04 03:04:52

One of the things which I didn't see a strong representation of in your questions was something which I have noticed about when in a public place like a bar or restaurant one of the girls at the table gets up to go to the bathroom, other girls are either asked or automatically get up to go with them, resulting in women getting to the 'loo' in small groups. I suspect that as a consequence, there is an increase in time for the girls, as they would have to wait until teh last one is finished before leaving in the group to return to the table... Also, there is a distinct possibility that some of the girls in the group who didn't really have to go, saying, what the heck, I'm here, I might as well go too; thus increasing potty occupancy. I think this phenomenon (group potty going) therefore increases the utilization, and thus inevitably results in increased wait times, and thus 'loo' queues.