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Posted in Girls Clothing Limits in summer. on 2015-02-25 06:45:40

Hey Island Mom

I'd love to hear more about your family and your nudist lifestyle.

Posted in For boys who are naked around their moms on 2010-12-20 05:52:56

@ BigDreamer

First of all, I'm twelve, not nine, and I was ten when I wrote my first post on this site. I was still a textile when I was nine, and even wore a shirt 24/7. I don't think people in my family get sick any more or less often than other people. We live in Florida so it's usually sunny, but when it is rainy we stay indoors. Everyone in my family applies sunscreen at least a couple times a day, and my Aunt pays attention to UV ratings and tries to keep us in the shade or inside when it's too high. My Aunt says that sunshine is mostly good for us, and that people who spend a lot of time outdoors get cancer less often, except for skin cancer, which is the easiest to treat, so it's worth the risk if we're careful about it. Since we're nudists anything weird on our skin would be noticed pretty quickly, and we would of course see a doctor about it.

As much as I love being a nudist, it's only fun because I have the support and love of my family. If nudism would alienate you from your own family, then you shouldn't do it. If your family can accept you being a nudist, great, but if it would only cause trouble than it's not worth it. If I had to choose between my family and being a nudist , I'd choose my family. I'm lucky enough to have both, but you may not be.

We are all very tan in my family, but we also all have black or dark brown hair. UV light can lighten hair, but if you're dark haired to begin with it's not really noticeable. My girlfriend has the same dark, all over tan that I do and her hair is still pitch black.

Posted in For boys who are naked around their moms on 2010-10-20 08:31:22

It's perfectly normal for me and my cousin.

My Aunt originally wanted to raise my cousin as a nudist, but when he was little he wanted to be naked all the time, like in public, so she decided to get him use to wearing a pair of shorts and just raised him shirtless. My cousin's never worn a shirt. We live in Florida, and we're homeschooled. We get away with being shirtless at a lot of surprising places. My mom and I moved in with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin back in June 2008, and I haven't worn a shirt since then. A couple months later we started working out with my Uncle, and now we're in awesome shape. We're both twelve but we look like teenagers, and feel like teenagers too. My Aunt strongly believes that boys should not be modest, being shirtless toughens us up, and we're more comfortable so we're better behaved. She believes the benefit is strongest if we're constatntly shirtless, so we're not allowed to wear shirts at all. She says that if she lets us use one excuse to wear a shirt, then soon we'd be wearing shirts whenever it was more convienient, which would detract from the benefits.

Not long after I moved in with them, my Aunt realized we were old enough to be aware when being naked was inappropriate, so encouraged us to live as nudists. Eventually my cousin and I gave her our shorts, and are always naked unless she lets us wear them, and we have to give them back whenever she says. Her motivation for us being nudists is the same for us being shirtless, and she would keep us naked 24/7 if it were possible.

So, my mom sees me naked all of the time, and it's no big deal. My Aunt also homeschools my girlfirend and her little brother. I met my girlfriend in September 2008 on a camping trip. Her mother was very impressed at how smart my cousin and I were being homeschooled, and the next september she started paying my Aunt to homeschool them. My girlfriend and I get to spend a lot of time together and we both love it. I'm crazy about her. She's about a year older than me and beautiful. Her brother stopped wearing clothes around us not long after they started being homeschooled here, but it took my gf a while to work up the courage. Eventually though, she decided she wanted to swim naked like us boys and not have to wear a soggy swimsuit. She's naked around the pool just like us, and around our house and her house she usually just wears a wrap around beach skirt, except during her period. She looks amazing topless. She's only naked or topless around us or her family because she trusts us. She's never topless in public, except for a nude beach we've been too a few times, but she stays close to me just in case. Our mothers have commended us for treating a naked girl with such respect. I love my girlfriend and would never do anything to hurt her. I can't wait for the day we can finally make love, but I know we're still too young. Our Aunt also teaches us yoga and mediation, and that helps me stay calm and in control.

Though my Uncle's usually shirtless around the house, he doesn't go naked around us kids. He thinks it would be inappropriate, especially around my gf. My mom and aunt didn't use to go naked around us, but when my gf decided to be a nudist too my aunt thought it wouldn't be fair for her to be the only naked girl. After she okayed it with their parents (their not exactly nudists, but are very accepting of ourlifestyle and agree it's been good for their kids) My Aunt started swimming nude, and my mom followed soon after. They're topless around the house most of the time now, but they both have long hair and wear over their chests so it's not really a big deal.

Posted in boys clothing limits/summer on 2009-09-03 05:16:22


I'd like to hear more about your nudist life. We're you really nakers for a whole month? I've been shirtless since June...of 2008, but I've never been nakers for anywhere near as long as you. What was it like to spend a month at a nudist resort. It must have really sucked when you had to put clothes on again.

Posted in boys clothing limits/summer on 2008-12-12 20:29:16

Hey Ricky I'm about ten now. I stopped wearing shirts back in June, and my mom and aunt have been gently encouraging me to go nakers at home. I swim and sleep nakers, but I'm still too embarrassed to just walk nakers in front of them. They said that if I'm okay with it they might send me to a resort like the one you talked about next summer so I can be nakers for weeks and get used to it. Can you tell me more about you first trip. How did you feel about being nakers when you got there, and what did you feel about being nakers when you left? What kind of things did you do while you were there. What was it like being around naked girls? (I've never seen a girl nakers)