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Posted in Swimwear (males only) on 2011-07-20 00:25:27

Yes, I think it is natural for boys to swim naked. We always swam nude as teens when there were no adults around, though the girls always wore something, even if it was just panties.

Posted in Swimwear (males only) on 2011-07-18 02:04:49

Jishnu, do you boys swim naked in front of girls or women who are not your relatives?

Do the boys have a choice or are they forced to swim naked? Also do the boys swim nude in a public place or in private?

Posted in Male Physical Exams - Someone Else Watching on 2011-07-16 07:28:11

What's wrong with a male coach or teacher watching the boys physicals? At junior school up to age 12 we were always accampanied for the physicals by our female class teachers. We were always examined nude from beginning to end with the female teacher watching all the time. Some of the older boys used to get stiff during this time, which was embarrassing with the female teacher present.

Posted in Survey for GUY Middle/High school gym teachers. on 2011-07-16 07:07:26

I also think it would be weird for teachers to shower with students, although the teachers always monitored us in the showers at school. Maybe it was a bit wieird in junior school up to age 11 when it was our class female teachers that monitored us in the showers. But we were used to it even though our female teachers would see all of us boys naked in the showers.

Was anyone forced to take showers at school after PE, and in front of teachers? At our primary school up to age 11 we boys were made to take showers after PE by our female teachers.