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Posted in Favorite Song by the Band ?? on 2012-04-22 06:56:35

Be more specific. There's countless numbers of bands in the world, from yesterday and today.

Posted in Who is prettier? on 2012-04-18 11:22:54

Your girlfriend! I know, cause I had her last night! Ha, ha, take that, fool!

"Why, you little punk! I'm gonna kick your a$$!"

"Oooh...quiver, quiver! I'm really scared, I'm shakin' in my boots over here!"

Posted in How much government is too much? on 2012-04-17 02:34:10

I respectfully disagree. When corporations lose money, it's a Godsend! Without so much money to throw around, they have less to illegally pass "under the table" to Mr. Corrupt, Bribe-Taking Piggie Politician! Soon, the media-controlled Establishment will fall by the wayside (due to the honorable public's refusal to give them votes), and the people will get their way by electing a good man like Ron Paul.

And when money-grubbing, war-loving, devil-worshipping, freedom-hating Big Business--and Big Brother--sees that it can no longer use fear and the threat of punishment to force the population into obedience and compliance, it will realize that we have strength in numbers and we will not go quietly into the night and accept the fate of The New World Order and the totalitarian, abusive Police State!

Rather, we are covertly forming our own plan of resistance and overthrow of those in power. Indeed, there truly IS a dark day of reckoning coming soon, but YOU are the ones who are going to lose! I propose that the U.S. have a day of Mass Civil Disobedience and Anarchy! It should come November 6--Election Day. Everyone reading this: Refuse to get out and vote; workers, stay away from your jobs; students, don't go to school; and whatever you do...don't buy anything. Boycott these clowns! Just stay at home and relax, watch TV, enjoy your family and friends. What are they going to do...arrest and beat us all? We're 300,000,000 strong! They don't have the manpower or the guts to take on that kind of army! We must rise up as one voice and take back the world to where it belongs--IN OUR HANDS!!!! Down with the state! The people rule! F-off, die and go to hell, pig!

Posted in Things that are hotter than Amanda Bynes on 2012-04-08 15:11:44

God, I'm so depressed. I came home last night, and turned on my computer. I was checking out entertainment/celebrity news on the Internet, and ka-powie...staring me right in the face was the latest star drama: "Amanda Bynes arrested for DUI!" Reportedly, she side-swiped an unmarked police cruiser while driving erratically at 2 in the morning in Los Angeles.

Another young star gone bad! And she was supposed to be one of the good ones! Amanda--sweetheart--how could you do this to us? What happened to that nice good girl we know and love? Please don't turn into another Britney or Miley! We want our little angel back!

Posted in Things that are hotter than Amanda Bynes on 2012-04-08 00:45:40

I've got a question: How do I get a chance to meet Amanda Bynes? She's most likely a very nice girl with proper morals. I figure I have just as good a shot as any other guy. I have a nice job and car, I'm "down-to-earth", I don't drink or do drugs, and I have a good heart; I'll treat her right, unlike the rest of you goons, who probably just want to get her in bed! Shame on you, she's a human being, not a piece of meat or a playtoy!