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Posted in Same sex couples and adoption on 2012-06-01 18:55:00

Dear Pollmaker, Hi. I took your poll about same-sex couples adopting; I thought it was interesting. I thought of one question, in particular, that you should have asked. It is very relevant today.

"Should the government have the right to tell people who they can marry?"

I believe that many laws which are on the books in several states, which crminalize gay unions are written by a bunch of "Bible-thumping, righteous, conservative nutjobs" who are hiding behind hatred as an excuse to protect children from what they call immorality and sin. I say, if they are not actually hurting the child--physically, sexually, emotionally or otherwise--then just what is the problem here? Mr. Politician, who are you to decide who someone can love and marry? It is none of your damn business! Stick with the real issues, and just do your job!

Who's with me?

Posted in Favorite horror character (classics) on 2012-05-30 05:34:35

...have Britney Spears sing to them!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Posted in Gun Control on 2012-05-25 19:58:24

I think perhaps you misunderstood me. You would not have a need to fight back in the first place, because I said,"...NO ONE would be armed; military, police, civilians, muggers, etc." If not anyone has a weapon, in that scenario, what are you defending yourself against?

Posted in Feet on 2012-05-21 07:37:05

"Are your toes crooked?"

No, but you are...and so is this poll!

Posted in Eagles vs. Led Zeppelin on 2012-05-21 07:34:07

For the last question, you should have included a third choice: Neither, ha ha!

The best band of all time? It's a toss-up between Foreigner and the Scorpions!