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Posted in 12/21/12: End of the World on 2012-09-05 07:38:51

Well yeah, Shaun...that was my kinda my point. To stick it to these scaredy-cat conspiracy theorists who wanna cry, "Help, Chicken Little! The sky is falling!" every time some nut comes along and spews, "Save yourselves! The end of the world is coming!"

Oh, puh-leeze, give me a damn break already, will you? My friend, Shaun, is absolutely right! Not only is civilization not ending, but the Mayan Indian calendar has nothing to do with it, anyway. Some bunch of weirdos with nothing better to do with their pathetic lives, conjured up this fantasy, and is having a good laugh at the expense of paranoid wimps.

Shaun, can you believe this: there are websites creeping up on the Internet, selling 'emergency survival supplies,' including instructions on how to build an underground bunker. Is there nothing so low, that someone won't try to make a stinking buck from it? And if we DO need to build a bunker, it will be to protect us from the coming holocaust of the New World Order--which is another paranoid conspiracy, in and of itself.

I wrote this poll as a joke, to poke fun at these people! ;P

Posted in Upcoming 2012 US Presidential Election on 2012-08-12 23:02:21

I have a quote:

"If you don't vote, you have no right to complain."

Posted in Does all killing count as murder? on 2012-08-03 11:53:08

Shaun--hi, it's me again.
So, killing a few innocents is wrong...but killing millions is not? That's because today, war=money, even at the expense of people's lives and communities. Former President Bush, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Napoleon, etc. are some of the best-known examples of world leaders who saw fit to kill millions of people, in the name of either fame and fortune or for personal conquest (i.e., they wanted the world to adapt to their warped sickness).

I personally feel that we would be a whole lot better off if all guns and other weapons were banned from society, period. Nuclear missles, too. That means no military, police or private citizens. If we eliminate a major way to destroy ourselves, we will be one step closer to peace. Just stating my opinion.

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Posted in Does all killing count as murder? on 2012-08-03 11:31:42

To: Shaun H.

Hi, there. Thanks for your input. I will think it over. About your last comment, "I look forward to your future polls."--Would you like to read something really wild? Get a future-thinker's view of the world, here:

Man vs. Machine: The New War Ahead


Posted in which band is better? on 2012-07-20 01:35:17

A few things I want to say:

Thank you for being a fan of "real music"; not this pop trash on the radio today, made by a bunch of 2-year-old Disney brats!

For some of the questions, I think you should have made check boxes, instead of bullet points. I found it very hard to choose between Styx and the Scorpions, for example.

You missed a few: Pat Benatar, ZZ Top, Firehouse, Quiet Riot, Chicago, Eddie Money, Huey Lewis, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Dokken, Inxs, Rick Springfield, Little River Band, Vixen, Stryper, Reo Speedwagon, Foreigner, Bad Company, the Bangles, the Outfield, the Cars, Judas Priest, Loverboy, Poison, Ratt, Samantha Fox, and too many others to name here!

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