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Posted in My wife and I disagree on how to raise our 3 sons. on 2014-11-03 04:54:17

Let me begin by saying that teenagers have a ton of irrational thoughts, and I was not exempt from that statement.

I'm not really sure if it was one thing or several to be honest. I was always pretty in shape, but I guess I might have been subconsciously worried that my $%!@ was smaller than average or something. Myself and the other teens didn't get totally naked except when forced to for showers. We always tried to change under a towel, and when we showered we faced the wall and took like 5mins. when we had to do so without swimsuits. I'm sure there was teasing, but comments about somebody being "gay" were more likely to be directed at the guy looking at the naked guy than the naked guy himself. Also, I certainly didn't fear or even feel others were gay, I just felt uncomfortable being naked in the communal showers and locker room.

Now I go into the locker room, strip totally naked, put my clothes in my locker and lock it, walk naked to the shower area, wash thoroughly while taking my time and not worrying about who I may be facing, walk naked from the shower area, towel off, and then get dressed again. Heck, I generally take my shorts and underwear off first when undressing and put them on last while dressing. I don't care if I'm the only one in the locker room/showers or if there are thirty other guys all around me. I don't even care that much if I guy is checking me out as long as he doesn't say anything rude or try to touch. My mindset is just so different now.

Posted in Pool exposures on 2014-11-03 03:28:01

So this just happened a few months ago. I was exposed at the lake to friends and strangers while barefoot water skiing. This was the first summer where I chose to wear my speedo as my all-the-time bathing suit. Before I might have worn it at the pool in my local gym while swimming laps during the winter or something, but I didn't wear it at social events or outside. Oh, and one critical detail... I had never been water skiing before.

It wasn't as hard as it looked though, and after a few failed attempts, I managed to stand up and cruise. Everything was going well, and then... it wasn't. I don't know how I lost my balance, but before I knew it I wiped out. Because of my inexperience though, I didn't let go of the tow cable right away. I fell forward with my arms in front of me holding onto the cable, my legs behind up in the air, and my body skidding accross the surface of the water. I don't know what I was thinking - maybe that I could pull myself back up somehow - but the boat dragged me quite some distance from the original spot of the wipe out before I let go. It was at this point that I noticed I no longer had my speedo on. It wasn't anywhere in sight either. The friction caused by the water either when I wiped out or as I was dragged accross the surface must have ripped it right off my body.

Well when my friends (two girls and a guy btw) pulled up next to me in the boat and I told them I was now naked, they fell over laughing. When I went to climb into the boat though, they pulled just out of reach. I said, "quit joking around." They were all giggles once again, responding that "the beach was right there" and that "they would meet me on the dock" before zooming away.

Well, I had no other choice but to swim to the beach and exit the water. Let me just say that it was a bit more crowded than I was comfortable with, and even though I did my best to cover my genitals with my hands as I did the walk of shame, I received quite a few dirty looks and comments of "pervert" from the numerous moms with kids that were there that day.

Posted in My wife and I disagree on how to raise our 3 sons. on 2014-10-19 05:00:19

First off, let me say this "when we were their age" stuff makes it sound like I'm 50 or something when I'm actually in my 20s still.

You are right though that many teens today are more modest in regard to nudity in places like locker rooms. I myself was as a teen. I have got over it for the most part and am currently more casual now than ever in situations where I am naked in public, but I definitely know what you mean.

Posted in Testicular/Prostate Exam on 2014-06-09 04:57:35


This video gives some pretty interesting and important information on testicular cancer and testicular exams. It says that contrary to popular belief testicular cancer does not become more frequent with age, instead is most common in guys ages 15-35, and that it has doubled in frequency over the last twenty years. It also says that between a guy's teenage years and his mid-thirties he "should get checked" for it "at least once a month." This shocked me a bit, as I know I've never done the test myself and don't go to the doctor nearly that often.

The one thing about the video that was kind of off-putting was the fact that a fairly young, attractive female doctor showing significant cleavage was doing the exam on a completely naked young guy. He was completely exposed to the camera as he just stood there letting her lift, squeeze, prod, etc... his balls and $%!@. Albeit informational, the video made me a bit uncomfortable. It also made me question the appropriateness of the whole thing. I don't know. Maybe I'm just being a bit too sensitive about an obviously awkward cfnm situation. With that said, it's better to get checked by a professional than to do the check yourself because you might miss something, and either is preferable to not checking at all.

Posted in My wife and I disagree on how to raise our 3 sons. on 2014-04-11 04:05:00

Most reasonable people here are ok with boxers/boxer-briefs outside, boxers or even briefs inside, and nudity in the privacy of one's own room (particularly if the door is closed).

However, the one hang-up for most reasonable people is the fifteen year old boy walking past his sister's room completely naked on his way to and from the shower. Some have said such things as "if he's comfortable naked the sister/mother should accept that." To a point I agree with you, but at the same time I don't. If they both say they are good with it, he should go for it. However, if they express that they would prefer he not be nude in front of them (as mom at least seems to be saying), then he should out of common courtesy and respect wrap a towel around himself or put on a pair of briefs. For that matter he shouldn't go nude in front of them without oking it first. Again, for all those seeking others to accept the clothing choices (or lack there of) the fifteen year old boy or they themselves make, you should first be willing to honor others' feelings on the issue.

The whole issue is complicated further as other females enter the scenario. Say mom and sis both condone the fifteen year old's actions. However, what if sis has a female friend sleeping over that just happens to be there with her in her room late - say around bath time. The door to her room might be open, or even if it's not it could "be opened" at the wrong moment. I feel the boy should just take the safe rout in this situation and wrap something around himself or put something on, but it might be ok to do otherwise first if he gets permission from the friend first. This might not be good enough though, as if she is a minor, which she will be in all likelihood, then her own parents' feelings suddenly matter as well. Complicated. I know.