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Hi creativity

In the years i agreed to wath my friend said "thikness means more than legth", to be honest for a similar size the thickness made the $%!@ looks more impressive even if less long. It is a matter of sexual feeling too. I appreciate particularly if a $%!@ has exposed glan (non necessary circumcised) and a long spray of pee and of $%!@ too.

Did you happen to $%!@ in some unusual, strange indoor location with your dad too?

Thanks L

dear beachmom

you have a wise point of view. In countries were peeing outdoor is well tolerated there is less need to $%!@ indoor. Here in France peeing outdoor il quite commonly used for me, and even women sometimes. Probably peeing in indoor location should be more a woman necessity to find more privacy, otherwise peeing in locker room is a typical male attitude, as it is an indoor obliged situation, the tendency of "Not using a toilet" for male lead to the $%!@ing in the locker room. As women know it they let the son do like the men.

If we speak about public bathroom it is more a piratical aspect, women usually have to wait longer, so if they have the son with them they let him $%!@ somewhere else than the toilet avoid bigger line. It is quite evident in some large gas stations, there are many women inside and waiting for the stall to pee, some took their young male sons with them (to not leave them alone in the adult ) and it is common that they made the boys $%!@ in the bathroom somewhere without making them wait for the stall too. Normally in the corridor or near the sink wall there are space and corners were the boys often pee, the other women don't complain about it, instead many appreciate it because it make them avoid to wait longer.

Now my boy is quite big, so i don't take him to women toilet anymore since years, otherwise it could happen we still share a unisex toilet. He always does like my hubby , leave the toilet for me and $%!@ against a wall inside or outside the stall.

Beachmom do you happen to still share a toilet somewhere with your big sons too? Do they $%!@ somewhere with you or use the toilet? let me know and post anecdotes if you have

thanks L.


Do you mean those sizes when hard ? if soft it would be very impressive. My hubby si about 8 too, quite thick but not impressive, his brother is probably a bit shorten but very thick , especially the glan that seems a horselike $%!@. Thickness is something more evident than lenght for man $%!@ My son is about 7 and i thing he could get bigger than my hubby

hi ross

please check in my other message boards to find interesting subject about places to pee and pee behaviour. When you said you whip it out in fron tof the girls and pee, during conversations, do you mean outdoor or even indoor? Do you have some funny episode about $%!@ing indoor in front of one or more girls? where? how did they react? Did you $%!@ together with some of your friends (especially in unusual or naughty places), did she $%!@ in front of you or asked yoi to hold it (i love doing it too)

pleas post some detailed anecdotes

kisses L

i was sharing an hotel room with a colleague. coming back to room i went to $%!@, a boring pee in the toilet, i only did it for the urge. She came in and said "sorry i am bursting, let me $%!@ too", she lowered her jeans and seat on the tub rim and had a noisy long $%!@ there. I commented her how bad she had to go, and asked while she didn't prefer to $%!@ in the bidet like i often did. She said she is not used to have a bidet at home, and her alternative place to pee had always been the tub. One evening we came back tipsy, and while i was $%!@ing in the bidet she did it in the tub, i told her "i left the toilet for you", she said "i was doing the same" and smiled.

thanks L