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i love sharing a bathroom with my hubby but rarely we use the toilet at home he $%!@ in the sink mostly (clean and comfortable ) while i usually prefer the bidet to pee, if we share a public toilet stall he $%!@ against the wall and leave the toilet for me, if the toilet is nasty i squat on the floor

thanks ll

Dear Holly and Matt this message board is about experince on peeing together with friend/boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, the topic si peeing in the bathtub, so why don't you tell about your experience peeing in presence or togheter with a friend or partner and or watching him/her $%!@ing in the tub? Please tell your anecdotes


Matt i am curious about the strangest or naughtier places your mother let you pee, about shops do you mean inside changing stalls or somewhere inside the shops?

let me know

thanks L

hi creativity

O think that $%!@ing indoor in places like station in india was quite normal for the place. In india men $%!@ing everywhere are an usual sight, not only the poorest but even middle classed and well dressed young men were sight $%!@ing on walls, street, etc when i went there. I didn't use a train, but as india has one of the worse quality of toilet, especially compared for the number of people, i believe that $%!@ing in stations or on wagon wasn't unusual too. I noticed some women $%!@ed on street and without much privacy, but there were mostly the wretched classes of the population. Normal women have to pee too, and so they tend to use the more secluded places they found, some places like alleyways, empty buildings, etc seemed used as "unconventional" toilet for the women of all the classes. My friend who was our guide lead me to $%!@ in similar places many times, rarely we used toilets, and when we went in toilets she always $%!@ed on the floor, even in normal toilet like hotel or restaurant (they are used to squat, $%!@ and wash).

I am curious what your mother did if she needed to pee in the station or on the train, do you remember her $%!@ing in similar situations or ways?

Thanks L

dear matt

did you have anecdotes (form your childhood) about your mother making you pee indoor (fitting room, parking, garages, staircase, shops, etc..), and i am very corious if she peed there too

thanks L