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Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2008-05-31 16:06:13

Two years ago when I was 15 , In my school there used to be a sort of weird person , or rather he was quite unusual in his beliefs, but overall he was actually a really nice person. He was a bit into the weird and wonderful and believed he had been abducted by aliens and used to show us some tiny hard objects under his skin that he said had been put there by aliens !, he kept saying he had "alien implants" which we all thought was quite funny. He had some on his face, and also a few on his body and back and used to let us feel them. I still feel quite sorry for mocking him about it because there was actually really was stuff under his skin whatever it was.

One lunchtime a few of the girls who used to make fun of him kept teasing and asking him if he had any of these "alien objects" in his private parts . I am ashamed to say I joined in . He was pretty civil and asked us to go away, so we decided to make fun of him.

One day we actually decided on a plan to get him , so we got some of the biggest upper school girls and after school one day where he had the job of locking up the gym building after the school was closed we went in when he was locking doors and pulled him into the female changerooms . He was actually a reasonably tall boy and strong, but not quite as big as the biggest girls in the school. We grabbed onto his arms and legs and pushed him onto the bench and sat on his arms and legs. One of the girls pulled down his pants and underwear and pretended to do an examination . She kept touching and playing with his $%!@ and balls and pulled back his foreskin pretending to look for any "alien objects". I admittedly got quite turned on by the sight of his bits because he was a good looking boy and he was quite decent "down there" but I began to rapidly feel bad and I decided to quit and told the rest of the girls to let him go . We all stood up and ran off like cowards from the school, because if he had caught us he would have likely beaten us into a pulp.

I was far too afraid to go to school the next day because I was guity as sin about what I had done. But eventually a few weeks after when everything had cooled down I decided that I would be guilty forever unless I made it up to him.

The next time he was locking up the gym I stayed back after school and apologised to him. He walked away from me so I followed him right into the changeroom he was locking up and took off my clothes right in front of him (you should have seen his face !) , and I said if he wanted to touch my body in the same way we did to him, I would let him . I told him that because I was sorry and guilty I had to let him humiliate me if he wanted , so that we would be even, and every time he saw us around the school he would not have to feel angry and embarrased about the fact we had humilated him and seen his private parts. I actually started to cry a bit then, and then he started to laugh and said he didnt need to , but he made a joke and said 'Don't worry about it, we are even now because I have seen you naked as well'. I promised him I would never tell anybody at the school about what happened and he accepted and thanked me.

So I think if you have bullied someone it is never too late to say sorry and to ease the burden of guilt . I know I would have stayed guilty for the rest of my life if I had not made it up to him that day.

Any bullies on this site who have posted should remember this.