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Posted in Boys fun wrestling (for <21yo) on 2008-12-03 00:55:55

i don't usually wrestle with a shirt but i always wear spandex shorts. Even though i always have to ice my balls.

Posted in Athletic support on 2008-12-03 00:39:56

i prefer compression shorts becuz they are comfy and i have been complimented on my package by girls a lot

Girls like to wrestle me a lot because i don't really fight back i just try to protect myself with out hurting them. Since my life revolves around sports i am constamtly in compression shorts or tights, but i always manage to get to my friends houses. So when they are usually wrestling, i never voluntarily join in unless asked to by a girl. evry tim a wrestle with a girl she always goes for my balls, but most girls are shy about it will just sack tap, but bold girls grab and squeeze. just a week a go iwas with my friend at his house with his neigbors who are girls. I came from swim practice with my friend.(we both stayed in our jammers). so eventually this bold girl wanted to wrestle. she said she would wrestle in her panties and bra if we would wrestle in our jammers and no shirt. i agreed. so pretty quickly i ended up in a facesit with her squeezing and playing and punching my balls. this went on for about 5 minutes. and the whole day i had an icepack on my nuts.( the just started to feel better 3 days ago!)

Posted in Racked(continued) on 2008-07-16 03:38:08

in one practice i was wrestling someone a lot bigger than me and grabbed , squeeezed, and kneed me a lot. he said he like it when i free balled. then i wen out with my friends . and met this girl. she seduced me to make out with her away from our friends. she took off my pants(i was still wearing my singlet!!) and massaged them. we made out

Posted in Racked(continued) on 2008-07-16 03:31:23

One time during a ballet performance i was partnering with a hot girl, who through out th whole perfrmance would rub her hands, knees, thighs, and crotch gently on my nuts. after the routine i put my hand on her $%!@ and rubbed in front of her friends backstagge. she then started ball massaging me , but soon after squeezed really hard, her friends were giggling then she kneed me real hard. I was wearing white tights, but forgot to wear my dance belt. i good barely walk for the grand finale. plus my boner was really embarrasing in front of her friends