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Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2008-07-08 16:46:03

Hi Angie

I understand what you mean. I have read a lot of posts on this board and I cannot but help feel that most of the thoughts here run a little shallow.

To explain myself , you mentioned that we should realise that males are not "beyond punishment if they offend against us".

I apologise if I have just misinteprited you but I find the idea of the 'males' offending against us 'females' a bit (not personally to me but conceptually) offensive. Men are not the enemy, nor are they somehow more evil than women. Moreover men are not a single group of identical people they are , of course individuals and the majority (99 percent) of men are decent people, just like women.

I also take exception with you saying "we should realise". I am a modern female and I know that a man is responsible for his actions and crimes and that he will be punished for anything he does wrong. I know as a woman I deserve equal respect and equality. Most men also know the rights of women the consequences of their actions. Are you suggesting that men are not punished hard enough for you're liking ?.


Edit : I would be interested to hear you're opinion on a thread I started here entitled "mandatory removal for prevention in the future".

It deals with the type of issues about how far men should go to ensure female safety, if future techology meant that we coud alter the human body in extreme ways without and danger to the (male) individual.

This thread should be just under this one in the listings.

Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2008-07-02 04:14:47

Personally I don't understand how you say you enjoyed reading about it and that women would have enjoyed it. I'm female, I don't relish the idea of cutting off a body part, sexual or not for he purposes of causing pain.

To do it to a defenceless innocent prisoner , that's just sadism plain and simple and that's the kind of thing a rapist enjoys as he abuses his power over the victim. Isn't this poll entitled "Punishment for rape" ? , isn't this a bit hypocritical if you if you do not have the moral highground you'reself ?. I can only assume you are fantasising which some people seem to like.

Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2008-06-12 07:53:19

Hi meangirl.

No worries there. I was already fully aware of meanboy's troll status when I wrote my post and it was intended as a brief "one and only". I did not intend to add wood to his trolling fire and will not do so in the future.

Oh well , such is the cost of the internet and anonyminity. But the rewards are good as well :-).


Hi c300

I was oddly enough "inspired" to write this poll for a school debate concerning corporal punishment in asian countries e.g singapore. To my surprise many people in my class spoke positively about corporal punishment on the condition that it was painful but non lethal.

It made me somewhat curious that people, albeit naive teenagers, who were living in a society that affords them such a plethora of human rights could say such things.

I just wondered if they had not thought the idea over deeply enough ,or not about what "punishment" actually is and means to society and the victim.

In my hypothetical the victim would still feel all the pain and the asociated degradation (psychology plays a large part in corporal punishment) , but due to "enhancements" there would be no risk of permanant damage to the person.

As you can see in the poll results a majority of people actually favor punishment with most of those erring on the side of non lethal. Some people argue that physical pain is superior to any other punishment. So the answer to you're question according to the voters on this poll is : no.

I don't really like that answer. My view is that corporal punisment is inhumane and a step backwards.


Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2008-06-11 15:40:13

Meanboy I myself do not agree with everything meangirl says, but overall she appears to be a well balanced and intelligent individual. And one unlikely to be swayed into interaction by brute force posting.

Moreover whilst to level the accuation of "troll" at you would be obvious and redundant beyond words, surely you have better things to do with you're time ? No?.