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Posted in Why do you support or oppose a party on 2010-09-27 02:29:09

Whats the freaking differnce? We all know its refering to the same thing.

Posted in Current times and 1939 Nazi Germany on 2010-09-27 02:25:44

Totoro, once again you are completely wrong

The Nazi's were socialists. The word "nazi" means national socialist. It is the Teaparty that detests socialism, therefore they cannot be the same thing.

Now let me ask this

Which party caused the trail of tears, put japanese americans into internment camps, supported slavery, opposed the civil rights acts, and womens sufferage? Which party continues to divide this nation on race, income, etc.. A) Republicans B) Democrats C) Greens.

We all know that the answer is B. It is the Democratic party that has a record of being a bunch of racists, bigots, and anti-americans.

For your information totoro, imigrants arn't hated by the tea party. It is the illegal immigrants that get government benefits and send kids to public schools, at the same time while not paying taxes. This is pure disrespect to the United States. But like Obama you don't care. And yet all you do is play the race card all day. Its almost like your whining.

There is not a dimes worth a differnce between what the founders views were, and what the tea party's views are. Heck, theres not even a pennies worth a differnce.

Posted in Worst US president on 2010-09-18 23:13:17

"Riiiiight. And who will repair the roads those non taxpaying businesses drive on?"

Isn't it simple? The state and local governments. The states repair state high ways. The towns and cities repair roads locally.

"And welfare has always been a hand up not a hand out. The problem is the lack of proper regulation and oversigth."

I actually agree with you here. Government programs need to be regulated. Regulation needs regulation. I have no problem with government regulating itself.

Now lets look again.

James Foley here had nothing bad to say about my idea of a stimulus plan. He has clearly realized that I am correct.

Mr.Foley, I have debated on this site in the past, and have read your posts from the past and your past arguments on this site. But I'm not gonna judge you on comments you've made to other users. So I'd be more than happy to debate you respectfully. But I wouldn't mind having a slamming competition either. So its your choice.

Posted in Worst US president on 2010-09-12 16:15:51

Alright, the fact is, when you subsidize failure, your only going to get more failure.

The bailouts are a prime example

In the real world of economics, the economy won't prosper when its people are getting paid to do nothing (which is percisely what welfare is). When people have an incentive to work, they are gonna attempt to find a job.

Now, heres my stimulus plan

Instead of increasing spending to unprecedented levels, why don't we use that money to freeze all taxes. Think about it, if not one person pays taxes, think about how much money they'll have. Now, to pay for those cuts, we take big slashes at spending. I'm talking back to 2006 levels.

Now, since not any business is paying taxes (large and small), they have more money in their pockets to hire people, which in turn creates jobs. Now, since people have jobs working for those companies, they will have money, and since they arn't paying any taxes either, they will have more money to purchase products from other businesses, which will give those businesses more money, which will let those other businesses hire more workers, and the cycle goes on until our economy is flourishing.

Posted in Texas Secession on 2010-09-12 16:00:18

Rick Perry's words were absolutely right. How many times does the word secession come up in the constitution? Not once. The first poster was right, the tenth amendment, gives states the rights to secede because that power is not with the federal government.