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Posted in Gay sex with brother on 2010-06-25 18:02:30

i never did stuff with my brother but i answered the stuff i want to do.

Posted in What do you wear to bed? (guys only) on 2010-04-11 14:16:18

I sleep naked, but I wear briefs to bed so my mom won't know I sleep naked. As soon as I'm under the covers, I take them off and sleep naked.

Posted in What have you done naked?(Boys only) on 2010-03-22 18:50:13

I like to do anything I can naked. But my mom would freak so I can only be naked when she isn't home. I would love to ride my bike naked and ride in the car naked. When I was little, my mom would pick me up at the pool and I would change in the back seat, but I wasn't naked long, just to take off my suit and put on shorts.

Posted in Sleeping Au Natural on 2010-03-19 12:18:45

I always go to bed in my underpants. That's what my mom makes me wear. But now, as soon as I get under the covers, I take my underpants off and sleep naked. I really like it. When my mom isn't home, I take off all my clothes and just hang out naked. I like to watch tv, play wii, have snacks and stuff naked. Once, my mom left me home alone when it was dark out and I went in the back yard naked. It was really great.

I am a kid so I didn't vote in your poll. I don't remember my mom ever letting me go around nude, but I sure wish she would. I really like being naked, but I only do it when she isn't home or when I go to the woods in the summer and sometimes at the lake. If I could, i would never wear clothes. I also sleep naked, but my mom doesn't know that. I wear underpants to bed, but take them off as soon as I get under the covers and put them on before I get up.