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Posted in How to punish kids for Animal Cruelty on 2012-09-14 19:03:47

I was reading a news story on a forum about a 10 year old boy who was trying to make a female goat (he specifically looked for a female goat) perform $%!@ on him. He had completely stripped himself and went into the goat's pen on a neighbor's farm. He forced his little wiener into the female goat's mouth hoping it would suck him or something. She bit it off and it couldn't be reattached because the goat ate it! The boy had a history of sexual activity with animals.

They put the goat down which I think was wrong to do.

I'm sorry. I find this funny! I know it's horrible for the boy because now he has no wiener, but I think he deserved it for being so perverse. Besides, he had tried stuff with animals before. Who knows what he would have done when he got older?

And why a female goat? LOL!

Do any other girls agree with me?

Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2012-08-23 18:04:54

After thinking about it, I don't think a boy is ever too young to have his wiener removed (and painfully) if he rapes, or seriously sexually assaults a girl.

Let's face it. A 6-year-old boy is not going to rape a girl. or commit anything heinous, so it would never be an issue on how to punish him.

But if a boy commits such a crime, even if he doesn't understand why it's wrong, he must surely realize by the reaction of the girl that his actions are unwanted. If he proceeds, it is clear that he doesn't care about hurting her. Therefore, he deserves to be punished, and I think removing his wiener, slowly and painfully is not only an excellent punishment, but would serve as a deterrent to other boys who might be of a similar nature.

Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2012-08-14 15:42:26

Hey Melissa

I think your ideas on how to mock and torment wiener-less boys are excellent! I think letting the boy know that the only thing he can ever provide for girls is amusement is among the best ways. Of course, keeping him in a constant state of sexual frustration (which he would be anyway) is also best. Making him watch as other intact boys are given sexual pleasure would be horrible for him, and therefore hilarious.

I wonder how long the boy could take it, and what he might ultimately do. Would he seek to have his nuts removed too to end the torment?

I'm not suggesting that little boys who behave inappropriately should have their wieners tortured or removed. But I do think they should be punished in a way that humiliates them. Perhaps they are forced to strip naked in front of the their female classmates, and the girls would laugh and ridicule the boy. In more serious cases, the female victim could perhaps be given the opportunity to kick the boy several times in the nuts while her female classmates look on. Or even spanking the boy's wiener with a ruler or such. Nothing that causes permanent damage, but that causes some pain, and lots of humiliation.

I do have a problem though with not immediately punishing boys who rape, no matter their age. Obviously this is not going to be an issue with little boys, as they are not going to commit such a horrible crime. But if a boy or boys are already committing rape at the age of 11, why shouldn't they be immediately punished?

Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2012-08-13 17:12:49


Removing boy's wieners as part of a biology class. That is a really good idea!

I happen to think that torturing/removing the wieners of boys who have behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner would serve three causes. One, it would punish the guilty boy in a way that would ensure he would never do it again. Two, it would put the fear into other boys who might be thinking of behaving in a similar way. Three, it would empower girls. They would learn that boys can be hurt, and that they would face punishment for treating girls badly.

How do you think you would have mocked and taunted the boys who had their wieners removed?

Would a boy ever be too young for such a treatment? Some time ago, I read a new story about two 11 year old boys who raped a 6 year old girl. A 9 year old boy was involved too. I personally think that even at that young age., they deserve to be punished in a way only a boy can be. My reasoning is even if they didn't know it was wrong, surely the screams of terror and the girl begging for them to stop would indicate to them that she didn't like it. They clearly didn't care what happened to her, so why should we women care what happens to the boys?

Posted in Punishment For Rape on 2012-08-12 17:02:38


I can see the merits of your point. Honestly, both ways appeal to me.

Did you have any thoughts on how I suggested boys be punished for sexually inappropriate behavior? How do you think you would have felt if such punishments were used on boys in your class when you were a girl?