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Posted in Hate Your Family? on 2011-05-10 17:39:03

I pretty much hate my niece who is become the bane of my exsitence. She's really a rotten,disturbed child who has been getting worse as she gets older. I mean,she REALLY take the cake here. Just go to my post and read a few of my 'experiences' with this girl from hell!

Posted in Boys and men who are conrolled by females. on 2011-05-10 17:29:32

So where to begin? Ive been posting about my bad experiences with people in general and my niece Gina in particular for 2 or 3 years now and looking back on my messages Im amazed that Im still in contact with my immediate family at all. because now both my mom and sister and my new girlfriend are screwing me around and Im getting sick of being bossed around and embaressed and treated like a servant. An incident happened 2 week-ends ago involving my niece and her antics and this time instead of ignoring it or shrugging it off my mom and sister set me up to get humiliated by my now 12 year old niece. This is what happened. I get a call from my sister(ginas mom) telling me to come over now because they needed me for somthing. I live one street over so I said sure,be right there. I was thinking that I would be driving sombody somewhere,or some such thing. instead I get there and Gina,my mom and my sister are in the living room and they tell me they called me over because Gina had stepped in dog sh-t on the way to a friends house to sleepover and I had to clean it off her boot! I was floored! they said 'you have to do it because you cant expect girls to do such things" I could't belive it! I had noticed her boots on the front porch and I went 'no way' and went out the front door to answer my cell...Gina follows me out and said 'Your doing it and ,like right now or I'll wipe them off on your shirt and make you anyway,my mom said so' My gf was on my cell and as I repeated this to her she agreed with them! By now I was getting nervous and angry and Gina grabs one of her white leather go-go boots and shows me how the sole has sh-t squashed into almost the intire tread minus only the heel. I was totally repulsed and she shoving it closer to my face and demanding I clean it for her to wear at her friends house that evening. I have to stop now but I'll finnish this post in a second part,but I was forced to do it and got mocked by my gf and one of my nieghboors husband as well. Im totally mad and feeling like a loser.

Im mixed race but pass for white and I dont know about averages but Ive seen plenty of hot black babes. I noticed also that women from Ethiopia/Somalia are especially attractive. I think the post that say that there are no hot black ladies are just remembering the especially 'ugly' black women they saw or met. Take another look,you might be surprised. nate.

Posted in Boys and men who are conrolled by females. on 2010-11-22 18:35:07

EK,Wow you are one disturbed child. I only hope your postings have stopped because maybe you are now in JDC? I'll pray for you (but I doubt it will help) God Bless. nate.

Posted in humiliated by a girl on 2010-01-27 16:18:24

My niece Gina and I had not been getting along well before and we were having all kinds of fights ,arguments and problems a couple of years ago,but we worked them out. She is a very strong,large, aggressive young girl. Shes a big bully at school and shes beat on me before. Well she had 2 girlfriends over at her moms house for the night and my aunt and my mom went out shopping and left me there. Well the girls were down in the basement talking and watching wrestling on TV. I went down cuz I thought they might want some drinks and I'm a cool uncle so I went down and Gina says ' Get behind the sofa I wanna show my friends anew move' So knowing better than to argue I came over and she got me in some holds and told me to try and get away. Ginas legs are too strong so of course I couldn't...but when she had me she brushed my crotch area and out loud 'Is that a joint and two marbles in your pocket?....Oh NEVER MIND'! And her friends were screaming with laughter. Oh my god! I couldn't believe she said that! :O I started yelling No and she held me down and said to her friends 'Yes it IS that small come feel them!' And they both did! There was nothing I could do! I had one arm free and tried slapping them away but she started crushing me harder! So I stopped and they both feeled through my track pants! And laughing at me,ect... I was so embarrassed! And when she let me go she stood up and kicked me in the butt! Then she told me to get them drinks, and each wanted something different,with ice,ect...and while I did that they were laughing,teasing,and making $%!@ jokes! One of her friends even said 'Are you sure your uncle is really a man,Gina'? I'm speechless with shame. I just had to get this off my chest. nate.