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Posted in Iron Maiden vs. Metallica on 2008-04-08 22:08:27

Dude, he's right, these polls are biased and flooded by the same users just trying to get Metallica's name up there, while they are decent, they are the most overplayed, overrated metal band out there. Not to mention their new album sucks, Maiden is stronger than ever, and Metallica is taking a long walk off a short cliff, their last album sucked more than any other metal album has sucked in the last 10 years, at least. So blow me.

Posted in Linkin Park vs. Iron Maiden on 2008-04-08 22:03:20

What the hell has Linkin Park ever done for music aside from make a few catchy tunes and rip off Iron Maiden's font on their (Minutes To Midnight...........WTF!?) album. These guys are rip-offs, anyone who knows music would know Maiden takes the cake in every aspect aside from commercial radio play.

For those who think Metallica is the best metal band ever, step aside and away from overplayed pop-metal, and realize they are a dying band, and are at their all time low. Their songs consist mainly of open chords, basic drum beats and a repetitive narrow ranged singer. Any idiot would think Tony Iommi is better, but realistically, the solos are average while Tipton and Downing are always shredding it up, and still maintaining awesome melodies while doing it. These results are from none other than a bunch of wannabe metal-heads who think they know it all.

This is stupid, Iron Maiden influenced Metallica. The most influential metal band of all time is Black Sabbath. Iron Maiden are still strong and Metallica have reached an all time low.