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Posted in Doctor's Office Clothing (Males) on 2009-04-25 01:37:13

once i only wore gym shorts and a shirt to the physical. nothing else. ive seen my dad wear a jock, and athletic bike shorts. when i turned 15 he wore a jockstrap and that was the first time we got physicals together.

Posted in Urinal on 2009-04-25 01:28:14

at the gas station i went to there was a guy peeing and only two urinals so i used the one next to him because there was one occupied stall and he started jacking off and he did exactly like the above post.

Posted in Urinal usage for Males on 2009-04-25 01:24:44

At this camp i went to when i was around 13, You had to shower because it was overnight for a week. When you showered the tiled divider for it was only up you your thigh so anyone could see anything as they showered and there were fore sections. Also the toilets had to walls so if you had to take a dump then you could be seen and the urinals were free standing and had no dividers and were only an inch apart. there was no privacy.

Posted in Wrestling Weigh-Ins on 2008-09-20 13:49:57

Our coach used to make us go to the bathroom, so he would have us stand at the urnal naked and he would watch us pee. If we had to use the toilet, The toilets didn't have any walls next to them, so it was easy for the coach to sit five people down and watch them all. we get weighed in the gym so the coach usually talks to us in the locker room in a group while were naked so your out in the open but no one really cares, and the coach has to get weighed as well so hes naked too. He has us go in the gym sit on the bleachers and wait till our named gets called. Theres a desk in the center of the room with a scale infront of the desk and thats how you get weighed. The school gives us physicals every year in the locker room after school, so you usually get a prostate/rectal exam infront of everyone and some people used to $%!@ on the exam table. Athletic massages are in a room off of the locker room and are done naked so the coaches massage you and you usually get your buttox massaged, abdominal area, calves, your inner thigh, and the area near your peanus. Because i go to an all guys school, the coach doesnt care if you are naked after school. Say you forgot yor singlet at your locker he lets you go to your locker naked. you can go wherever you want naked (library, gym, classroom, lockers, ect) just aslong as there are no women teachers (who usually leave when school ends).

Posted in Locker Rooms (Guys Only) on 2008-09-20 13:22:30

At my school, its broken up by lockers, then theres a bathroom area, and then a seperate shower area.

When you shower, you have to undress at your locker and go to the showers naked. The showers are stone cubical walls up to your knees, so when you shower people can see your package. there are 12 cubicals and 3 people have to fit into one and theres only one shower head so your usually touching or rubbing up against the person next to you.

For the bathroom area, there are no walls for the toilet so your usually sitting and most people have to hold their peanuses when they pee because they rub against the side of the toilet. the toilets are like 1 - 1 1/2 feet apart and you can see everything. the urnals are like half a foo apart with no walls between eachother and when your holding your peanus to pee theres no privacy.

The gym classes have 9th grade - seniors in one class so most guys just go to the bathroom naked, shower naked, and do everything naked. If you forget your gym clothes then you do class naked. if its outdoor, then you have to wear a jockstrap (usually the person that is assainged your shower partner gives you the jockstrap) i had to wear a seniors jockstrap when i was a freshman. lol I go to an all guys school so it doesnt matter if your naked.