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Posted in Dress or a skirt as punishment on 2010-09-04 20:59:35

i dont know i mean ive been a sissy for so long that to me its life its what i do.i mean every time i sleep now i have dreams of back then. i miss it i do.its just that now that i left will they let me back? i really hope so. im going to ask soon. wish me luck

Posted in Dress or a skirt as punishment on 2010-08-27 20:13:32

hey you guys will never belive this i miss being a sissy i miss 1)wearing diapers 2) getting spanking 3)wearing leather boots 4) getting bosses around 5) giving foot masages 6)getting called a little baby girl i even miss janet making me suck her stapon and getting kicked in the balls. and most of all i miss the way my cousin would say "you are and always will be my little sissy wont you" andshe would make me say yes. i think im going back to my old life

Posted in Dress or a skirt as punishment on 2010-07-30 14:30:35

well i called child services and im now livin with my dad im no longer wearing anything girl related so im pretty happy now

Posted in Dress or a skirt as punishment on 2010-06-30 15:06:33

made2bmaid after years of this life i finally decided to run away from this life. but that didnt work out to good( i was found in 3 days) so now im stuck in this life. i have no choice but to wear a dress and be a sissy and my sisters would like u guys to post what you think my punishment should be. they says it could be from dressing as a princess to dressing as a stripper and getting a dildo in my $%!@ but u decide

Posted in Petticoat punishment on 2010-03-26 15:36:59

not saying its your fault but my mom saw both your web sites and now shes sending me to a sissy school for 5 years of sissy maid school 5 years of sissy bay 10 years of sissy $%!@ training an 5 years of sissy punishment