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Posted in Depantsing can be cruel on 2009-04-03 21:09:58

At my school, i am pansted, wedgied, swirlied, etc. almost everyday. One day, some kids meet me in the hall during break. (I didn't know they were following me at the time) Well, one of them pants me, (idk who it was) and they all laugh. The kids in the group were Scott, Paul, Alex, Mike, Austin, Grant, Eric, and Javier. I was pulling my pants up when someone then pushed me over on the floor. They then stuffed me in a trash can, REALLY deep, so it took a while to get out. They watched me as i tried to get out. They took off my jeans when i was stuffed in there. When i get out, i tell them to give me my jeans back. Then, Alex says "Don't tell us what to do you doosh bag. We'll give you your jeans back if you go and ask Miranda out". I said fine, just give me my jeans first. They told me to ask her out in my tighty whities. I told them no, so Scott and Paul knock me down to the ground. I punched Paul, but that was a bad mistake. Paul punched me in the eye, and spit in my mouth. Then they said "If you punch any of us, your gonna get $%!@ed". I knew they meant i was gonna get things worse, so i stopped. They told me to lick the bottom of their shoes. At this time there were a few more people in the hall way. I had to lick everybodies shoes (not everybody in the hallway, just the guys who were attacking me) While i was doing it, i was getting some pretty bad wedgies, and some people even spanked me. When i was done, they gave me my jeans back. I had to take off my shoes to put them on, so they took them as i was pulling my pants up. They started to hit me with my shoes, telling me to get back on the floor. I told them "$%!@ off, just give me my shoes." Then Scott and Paul trip me, (They grabbed me and kinda just pushed me over their feet" and sat on me. Austin sat on me and farted in my face. They laughed, and Javier told me to give myself a wedgie. I said no, but Javier and the guys started to kick me. People in the hall way were laughing, suggesting things they should make me do. Eventually i gave myself a wedgie, but i didn't make it bad, just so they could see it. Then Grant grabbed my underwear and gave me a wedgie until they ripped, and he tore off the waistband. He put my waistband on me and said "Nice Jockey headband. Guys, help me give him a swirly."

Well, i was NOT in the mood for a swirly, so i told them "Just give me back my shoes and leave me alone." They just ignored me, took me to a stall and gave me a swirly. People started to leave, including Scott, Alex and Mike, saying they need to see some one. They give me a hanging wedgie in midair, all around, saying if i fought back, they would stuff me in a locker. I told them to give me back my shoes after, and they said okay. Well, after about a minute of the hanging wedgie, they let me down, snapped my "head band" against my head, (which didn't sting at all, since it was wet) and give me one last swirly. They throw my shoes at me, and leave.

My life sucks. =(

Posted in Depantsing can be cruel on 2009-04-03 20:41:52

Thank you Dr. Phill!

She is 11/12 and she wears a bra? This story is made up.

Posted in Babysitting on 2009-04-03 20:03:05

He did the same thing with my story. He is a little liar.

Posted in Pantsing in school on 2009-03-31 22:53:20

At my school, the pantsing and wedging thing is MUCH different. Sometimes, it can be a prank, but most of the time it's to torture a person. And it's always meant to be torture for me.