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Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2008-07-25 03:20:01

It looks like our schitzoid multi-personality clown has not returned since my threat. If he does, he has my word that I will report him. One reason I have not done so is that the board owners/operators would necessarily have to be contacted both by Yahoo and thew FCC or FBI or whomever, and since they have been very supportive in trying to ban him and keep him banned, I do not wish to cause them any problems.

Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2008-07-19 03:30:40

nate - I will do that over the next few days.

Meantime, read my edited post above to the idiot who keeps trying to ruin this board. I was interrupted from fully finishing my message to him because my anti-spam program was screwing up and I was on hold on the phone with Norton while typing that message before finishing it, and then they finally answered my call.

Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2008-07-19 00:39:11

Well. I can assure you that it will take me less of my own time to have you banned again as it took you to find an new computer with a new IP address, then register yet another Yahoo account, then post your last 5 dumb messages. You must surely think you are winning, but anyone who spends so much time to establish a 6th ID on a board which so clearly does not want you here, that there is something VERY sick about you. The joke is truly on you. It must take you considerablly more to re-log onto this board as it does to get you banned yet again.

I DO know that you are using Yahoo accounts. The board's moderator told me that. I think you are probably violating Yahoo policy and possibly Federal law. Let's see where this takes us, as I intend to report you to both Yahoo and the FCC.

Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2008-07-17 05:59:32

Oh, I can think of a bunch of names that would be more suitable for him than the 5 he has used before. Among them are [and they could end with the name "boy" or "guy" or just stand alone by themselves].

afraid of girls coward bullcrapartist [or just bullcrap] crazy psycho obsessed and/or grammar challenged

Those are good for starters.

Posted in Boys humiliated by girls on 2008-07-16 05:40:15

For those who have been on this board for a while, you will notice that "meanboy" has again been banned. I believe that is the 5th time. All of his recent posts have been deleted. But don't be surprised if he soon returns. He will have to select yet another user name, but his writing style and the content of his posts will quickly give him away.

He is so obsessed with this subject, and hates girls so much, and is such a sicko, that I fully expect that he will return yet another time. I am just laughing my butt off knowing how much time I am making him spend/waste to re-enter the board each time!!!! So have more "fun" , sicko, if you do indeed establish yet another account, and I will see to it that any such new account is also quickly banned.

In the meantime, as for anybody else, feel free to post away again.