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Posted in Oil Prices by Jan 2009 on 2008-10-08 17:52:01

Well, it would lower demand, which lowers prices. Whether the lowered price due to reduced demand would outweigh the increased cost due to the taxes, I can't say. Anyway, high oil prices are a good thing. It'll just motivate us to kick the filthy stuff.

Posted in Trooper-Gate on 2008-10-08 17:34:14

Cooperate with the investigation. You have nothing to hide, after all. Right?

McCain is a Washington insider too, then. It's funny how experience can be seen as a bad thing when one wants to.

As for Biden's comment about Obama not being ready, I think that will have a virtually non-existent impact on who votes for who. I'll admit that the net effect of that comment was negative, but as far as actually influencing the election, it was minutely so.

For me, gauging the political wisdom of the Palin pick is tricky. She is so obviously out of her depth. And a lot of people see that. But a lot of other people just like her for her "folksy charm." She's "one of them." Same values and all. And they'll vote for McCain because of that. It's true. Lots of McCain voters really don't care for the man himself, with his "reaching across the aisles." It's Palin they're really voting for. I think in a way she's upstaged him - which is really bizarre, I would have thought that would hurt his chances. But I can't deny that she's bought the indispensible Chirstian Right to his side in large numbers. She has actually made him a viable candidate, which he wasn't before.

I don't think, yet, that she'll be his downfall; I think the economy is what's really going to kill McCain.

Posted in The point of existence is...? on 2008-09-10 22:35:46

I think that to any answer that can be given to this question, the question can always be raised: what's the point of that?

Posted in Your feelings on Christianity? on 2008-09-10 22:21:29

I just love being. It's the greatest. Except for when I stub my toe.