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Posted in presidential associations on 2008-10-10 14:04:37

McCain does nothing and says nothing as crowd members shouts that Obama is a terrorist.


"Sit down, boy!"


"He's got the bloodlines."


Anything even remotely comparable going on at Obama rallies?

Some of the same stuff, but with user comments:


The McCain campaign is bankrupt as far as substance goes. All they've got is the hate. And they're running with it. This is now a campaign fuelled on hate.

McCain plays a very dangerous and irresponsible game. I predict race riots if Obama wins. I predict terrorism - from right-wing militias. I predict assassination attempts.

Reaching across the aisles? McCain/Palin are tearing this country apart.

Posted in presidential associations on 2008-10-10 06:41:54

With less than a month to go, and with the stock markets tumbling over 100 points a day, McCain is desparate. This is the issue that is killing him.

In a craven attempt to make America just forget this nightmare, his campaign tries to associate Obama with terrorism.

Never before in the history of American politics has such an outrageous charge been leveled at another candidate.

Put simply, McCain wants us to believe that Obama is one of those dark-skinned bad men who wants to kill us.

And what do we do with those guys? We kill them. Terrorism is a capital offense. They kill innocent people, so we kill them.

McCain hasn't exactly said this outright, of course. He doesn't need to. The people at his rallies obviously know how to connect the dots.

Does anybody realize what a dangerous, irresponsible man McCain is? Advocating the execution of his opponent?? In a volatile time like this?

Seriously. Have any of you just sat back and thought, holy shyt, that is one hell of a serious charge. Can anyone else think of any political slander that's come even close to this?

The swift boat ads, Willie Horton...nothing compared to this. Not even close. That stuff was just 'dirty.' This is from the sewer, festooned with syringes and medical waste.

I fear there will be some very, very ugly consequnces to McCain's invective.

I am voting against McCain this year.

Posted in Split house McCain Obama? on 2008-10-10 06:10:30

"In desperation, McCain is relying on negative ads that try to trash Obama because of past associations because he obviously has nothing else to run on."

Indeed, 100% of his ads are now personal attacks.

The man is not just desparate, he's craven. Accusing Obama of terrorism? Is anyone processing exactly what that means? That is by far the most serious allegation ever leveled against any presidential candidate in US history. Terrorism is a capital offense. The logical conclusion of McCain's ads is that Obama should not just be defeated in the election, he should be executed; that is what we do with terrorists after all. His fans eat this stuff up at the rallies.

I accept that politics is dirty, but this is filthy. This makes me sick. I used to have some respect for McCain, but it's evaporated completely. It's obvious he'll do anything, and I mean anything, to get in. This strategy he's chosen is the sleaziest sh*t I've ever seen; sleazier even than the Willie Horton ads against Dukakis. He's a desparate, dangerous man and what he's doing is utterly irresponsible. His inflammatory rhetoric could have some very distrubing consequences.

Posted in Atheists Only on 2008-10-09 18:26:29

You fail to grasp the difference between arguments and assertions.

Posted in Atheists Only on 2008-10-09 13:05:31

Are you saying you do not wish to have this discussion?

I've got responses in mind to all your points above but this last post makes me wonder if I should bother.

"WHY?" Because I like debate, and I assumed you did too. If you don't, I'll respect that and STFU.