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Posted in presidential associations on 2008-10-11 00:05:14

Apparently McCain has now broadened his attack to include Michelle Obama, even though he himself has said spouses should be off limits. Apparently she's chummy with Ayers' wife.




The basis of the allegation?

The two women worked for a while at the same law firm, which has over 500 employees. There is no evidence they even knew each other at all.

And that's the whole basis of the allegation.

Where is the outrage from Republicans??

There is not a shred of dignity left in the McCain campaign. Not a shred.

Or watch the crowd at some of the McCain/Palin rallies.

Posted in If Obama wins the election.. on 2008-10-10 23:15:23

Nina, McCain does not blame liberals for the financial crisis. He blames "wild speculation" and Wall Street greed. In other words, the same people liberals blame. I haven't read a single credible source blaming the crisis on liberals or liberal politics.

He is also very obviously trying to repaint himself as being pro-regulation. Palin tried the same thing in the famous Katie Couric interview, but when pressed to name a single instance of McCain supporting regulation in 26 years, couldn't name a one. "I'll get back to ya!"

Blaming liberals is a bit rich anyway. Republicans controlled Congress from 1995-2007; that's 12 years. A Republican has been in power the last 8 years. 7 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices were appointed by Republicans. Tell me, how exactly did the liberal Democrats go about causing this mess when political power in all 3 of govt. branches has been overwhelmingly dominated by Republicans since 1995?

Ayers does indeed claim to be a communist still. So what. Ayers is not Obama.

McCain has demonstrated no close relationship between Ayera and Obama. All he's got is innuendo. "Who is the reeeeeeeal Barack Obama?" That's when his supporters scream "terrorist!" and "cut off his head!" and McCain just smirks like, hey, he said it, not me.

McCain's character attacks are actually revealing a hell of a lot more about McCain's character than Obama's.

Posted in hypothetical generic ballot on 2008-10-10 22:36:18

Yeah, I answered "no" and it still made me answer that question.

In other news, anyone hear about the NY ballots listing "Barrack Osama?"

Posted in presidential associations on 2008-10-10 14:28:04

I'm glad to see 92% voted Palin's husband as the more dangerous connection.

Personally I don't give a shyt about the Alaska Independence Party, but I do think Palin's associations are more dangerous than Obama's; witness the videos.

It is McCainPalin's responsibility to put out the flames they've been fanning. They must apologize. They must state clearly that Obama is not a terrorist. And they must condemn their supporters who say he is. Not that I expect them to give up this one last desperate chance they have, but it's the only socially and morally responsible course of action.