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Posted in Legalize Marijuana? on 2008-09-03 18:27:04

Tell it to the judge.

Posted in Capital Punishment on 2008-09-03 18:21:05

Hoi, you posted twice!

I largely agree. The moral hypocrisy of CP is something I have a fair amount of contempt for.

And it's not a deterrant, at least not in the US. The states that have it actually have higher homicide rates, last time I checked. (I have peer-reviewed studies on hand).

I'm not saying there aren't people who deserve to die, but the thing is there is just no way of knowing who those people are. CP might be OK in a perfect system. But we don't have any such thing. And so the administration of CP will always be arbitrary and capricious, as it is now. It's not necessarily the desevring who die, it's the unlucky. You got stuck with a bad lawyer? Tough shyt. You die.

We only have it because we like revenge, and we should just admit it.

Posted in Capital Punishment on 2008-09-03 18:13:19

Well, I oppose CP, but if we're going to have it, then the method should be a gunshot to the head. But I think most Americans are uncomfortable with that. We like to think we're civilized when we kill killers for killing people. We like to feel like we aren't getting our hands dirty. So we kill them via a legal process, by a committee of lawyers and judges and jurors, because a premediated, legally sanctioned murder by committee is somehow better than whatever crime was committed.

I also think that the killing, if it has to be done, should be done by either the family or closest friend of the victim - i.e. the living person most effected by the crime - or perhaps by a member of the jury. I daresay most jurors who'd sentence a man to death would have some pretty serious reservations about actually doing the killing themselves. But why should they? How is it any less morally palatable to just take a gun and blow a man's brain out yourself, then to pass the buck on to some employee of the state?

America doesn't have the stomach for capital punishment anymore! We want it to be so sanitized and morally OK. But the system is set up so's to diminish juror's sense of personal responsibility for the murder they are committing.

Posted in Christmas on 2008-09-03 17:45:59

I'm sorry, how does the tilt of the Earth argue "powerfully" for the existence of God? All the planets tilt! - except, if memory serves, Mercury and Venus.

To me, the ubiquity of axial tilt suggests that this is just an ordinary physical property of objects spinning in a vaccuum.

Posted in A 1 question poll for McCain supporters on 2008-09-03 17:42:04

McCain is sunk.

Third-term party presidential candidates have only ever been elected once since 1960, that was when Bush Sr. was elected, and that was in the midst of an economic boom. Nobody has EVER been elected to a third term for their party in the midst of bad economic times.

Noone has EVER been elected to a third term for their party with an unpopular war going on.

And noone has EVER been elected to a third term for their party with an unpopular incumbent president.

McCain is facing truly overwhelming odds. He's going to lose. It is that simple.

Say hello to President Obama!