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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2021-09-16 12:42:42

Rules for writing an essay

Rule 1. Do not be afraid to change the structure in the middle essay

During the writing of the essay, you may seem that some of your ideas or items are not really fit or not very logical. For more infi: https://kingessay.com/. Do not be afraid to abandon them, even if it is a middle essay. Remove them from the main plan and replace to more relevant.

Probably, you will also have new thoughts that can make an essay more useful, but you didn't even think about them at the beginning. Add them too! If, of course, there is a suitable place for them.

If the essay is not written in any way, and you feel that they are stuck on one paragraph or a section - go to the next. Then you will come back and modify.

Rule 2. Do not delete anything with the essay forever

If you start not like some section or even a whole essay, you do not need to remove everything at once!

If something really does not fit, copy and leave in a separate document. This may come in handy later or inspired another thought that is more suitable for your text.

There may also be words or expressions that you can use in another context.

Rule 3. Forget about Perfectionism

When you write a draft, it is important not to be distracted into small details. I first first have your own basic ideas on paper, and finalize them later. If you do not like some word, offer or argument, note it in draft and come back to him later.

When you finish the draft, you will know which sections and paragraphs are suitable, and what you need to change. For more info: https://kingessays.com/5-paragraph-say.php. It makes no sense to spend time to edit the fact that then you can cut.