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Posted in Phyiscal exam double standard. on 2008-08-06 06:02:09

When i did Phys. exams as a little kid like 6+ for soccer and football i went back and went straight to the room where i would be told to strip down nude and a male nurse would come in and weigh me, measure height and blah blah. the whole time i was naked from start to finish. my mom stopped coming back when i was 8-9 since i asked her not to. but after that same thing. WHOLE time naked. once i clearly began puberty i started having my penls and baIIs checked more closely and examined. This year, i already knew about this, but i had to ejaculate into a cup for testing. for some reason its like my mom asked for the EXTRA thourogh exam. prostate and all, and that crap aint cool. but yeah, its not so bad since its once a year. a few days before school begins, mine was 5 days ago.

Posted in Locker room fun on 2008-08-06 05:53:41

We are required not to wear any clothes for some reason, i guess for anything being wet and souring in the lockers is what they tell us. but anyways the coaches pretty much said most of you will get hard, don't start calling anyone gay cause no one can help it and just wait til you do. they even said $%!@ing each night or every other night would keep us less tense and less likely to get hard. but we all are comfortable if we get hard and some guys play around and grab people's boners. not gay or anything just as playing around, especially since they know it would get everyone more aroused and needing to $%!@e through the rest of the day. this is what its like at my high school in Eufaula, AL.

Posted in Worst Doctor Experience on 2008-08-06 05:47:06

I bet Andrew was trying his hardest not to laugh the whole time lol. Also, how are you over seas from the U.S. as a exchange student, especially since your still in high school? or are you extremely smart and already in college? lol i think im decently smart to get all A's but thats crazy, 8 year olds in college, :P

Posted in Random boners (teenage guys only) on 2008-07-28 05:23:28

what i want to know is why did you pull your boner out of your "panties"? you mean underwear or boxers?

Posted in Pokemon or Porn? on 2008-06-23 15:33:51

Who is this WORLD would rather watch pokemon?! lol