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Posted in Chocolate Dark, Milk or white? on 2008-09-19 23:42:51

the name explains it all

Posted in FARTS R US on 2008-09-19 23:40:52

i love farting and trust me my farts are deadly. i can fart on command, and i love it. my favorite gam eto play is fart on my little brothers pillow so i can hear him scream at the stench that stays in the pillow for a week. hes 11 and im 17

Posted in older brother's torturing little brother on 2008-07-25 21:52:13

when chris called me down, i said to him "what" he goes "c ya, im goin to austins. oh and since your gunna be babysitting ryan, i left money on the table, take him somewhere. and justin, spend the money on ryan, not just you. dont starve him, remember to get him breakfast" "damn chris, i kno. you act like i dont the kid, i kno my brother more than you do" "so i hope you have room in your bed tonight, he so terrified by thunder and lightning, he will be begging you to stay right next to him." it was raining too, it looked like it would thunder and lightning. "uhhhhh, chris can you plz stay for tonight, i cant be right next to him all night, he is soooo annoying" he slammed the door on my face. i go to my bros room, and say "ok im yur master, chris is at austins. now heres dinner" i open his mouth and go to bare a$$ and fart up in his mouth. as im laughing hysterically, my bro is groaning and caughing, in the middle of me laughing hysterically, i ask "so how is that dinner i whipped up for you" he screams at me "i hate you" after im done laughin, i say "ok seriously where do you wanna go" "mcdonalds i guess" "ok get in the car" so we get ther in the drive thru, i order first "3 big macs and a large coke" i ordered my bros meal, but i forget what he got. my bro says "yur such a pig" i turn to him and burp "thank you" in his face. he moaned and i just gave him a grin, you kno the kind an older brother would give to his younger brother after he did sumthin evil. we pick it up and eat the food at home. i watch family guy. my bro says "chris doesnt let me watch family guy" i say to him "ryan, chris isnt home. get your @ss on this couch, watch some tv with me, for gods sake im given you a break tonight, cuz i kno you hate thunder and lightning. if this was any other night, right now you would be rubbin my amazing smellin feet." i put my foot to my face and take a whiff and say "ahhhhhh. the scent of a man. wanna whiff?" i ask my bro, and he instantly says "no, i can smell them from here, and im gunna go" i say "why" he says "they smell soooooo bad. i cant take it" "yur such a fckin baby" i turn off the tv and pin him down and say "i think i otta toughen you up. a good old brother talk would get you to be just like me and the guys" hes saying "noooo, let me go" "no, no, i think im gunna man you up by makin you suffer with my manly, sweaty, old pits." he hates my pits, they have a lot more hair than an average teenage guy. plus, they smell soooo bad, and theres always globs of sweat trapped in my pit hair. thats why he hates them sooo much. i hardly ever torture my bro with my pits, and the few times that i do, i usually have a shirt on. right now, i didnt. hes begging "please justin, im begging you. anything. plz plz, there the worst" "its either the pits, or im lockin you in the basement. and its thunderin and lightning out. i have to man you up somehow. in fact, i should even shove a sock in your mouth also, then tape you shut, then ill make you smell 'em." "noooo, justin, cant you be nice to me just once in your life" "im your older brother, i can do what i want to you, when i want to. and im bigger, faster, and stonger than you. and you kno wht else, i havent showered all day today (it was like 11:15 pm) and i worked out for an hour, got all sweaty and smelly. now im gunna man you up." i lifted my arm up and showed him my pit. hes cryin at this point. he said "i can already smell them, plz justin. have mercy" i gave him an evil grin, like i did in the car, and slowly got my pit on his face, wipped it all around him, especially sweeped them over his mouth, just so i can get some of my hair in his mouth. next i take his head and press it against my pit, his nose aimed right at it. im laughin like ive fckin eat a whole can of laugh gas. hes cryin, and the more hes cryin, the harder i press. i tortured him like theres no tomorrow, and he needed it. after 3 min of this, i throw him on the couch, sit on him (my knees to his shoulders) and say "had enough, do you feel more manly, just like your older brother?" he crys and screams "i hate you, i hate you. you smell like 10 different dead skunks mixed with rotton milk" i laugh and say "hey i could be worse. you kno joshs older brothers made him rub there feet for 7 hours strait, while fartin, burpin, and makin him take whiffs of there feet. and tim and his bros beat there little brother, and basially do the same things i do to you, but theres 3 of them. and brian, coughs up loogies on his little brother. so i do give you a lot of breaks. are you sleepin in my room tonight?" he said "yes, did you hear those thunder beats. can you plz not fart or burp, or make me sleep at the bottom of the bed, by yur feet with yur sox on, then you purposely roll over yur feet on my face like last time" he always sleeps in my room with thunder and lightning goin on, and usually i do this kind of stuff to him. he never sleeps with chris, i think he looks up to me more than chris "fine, you had a rough night, i wont torture you. i have a question, (i say this as i get up) (i show my pits and ask) how bad do they smell?" "put them away there horrible" he covered his nose. i point to my pit and say "stick yur nose right here and tell me that this odor isnt a man odor. you kno only men can get there pits this bad." he runs and says "yur such a pig" i didnt do cruel things to him while we were sleepin, but he waas still scared of the thunder. i told him "you kno where that thuder is comin from" he says "where" "the thunder is tim, paul, and freddy fartin and burpin on there little bro. that kid has to get tortured by atleast one of them everyday, not even chris and i do that." he says "whatever, but when im 17, im never gunna switch my sox, and when there fool of fungus, and smelly and nasty, im gunna shove them both in your mouth and nose." i laughed and said "you wish" the next morning i made him pancakes, and until chris got home, we played super smash brawl (really i didnt even wanna play that game but w. e.) and everytime i lost, i had to rub his feet for 5 min, everytime i won, he had to smell both my feet for a min. when we were playing, i had to have my shoes on, he couldnt bare the smell of my fet from when he was 5 ft. away, so i only took off my shoes when i won a game, just so he could smell my feet. dude, i thot it would suck bein stuck with my bro while hes clingin on to me cuz hes scared, but it was awsome. i tortured him a lot, and played video games, and at the same time makin bets with eachother. like you said, life is great, bein a man with noon to nag you is sweet. lol

Posted in sweet gas for guys on 2008-07-25 11:51:04

ya it is cruel, but thats the sh!t they do to him. no there not twins, but there less than a year apart. its the same way with them, brian and richy just randomly go in joshs room while he in there, take off there shirts. they lay on the bed (at this point josh knows hes gonna die if hes on the bed right next to them) they at the same time, take there shoes off, cross there legs, put there hands at the bottom of there head, so now the pit stench is working, and next they look at josh (if hes on the bed and cant escape cuz there on top of him already, or if he wasnt on the bed, he'd be out of the room by now) burp right in his face, and burp at the same time in his face a million times. now that im thinkin of it, this is what paul, tim, and freddy o to there little brother. they barg in (i kno cuz i wuz there and helped the 3 torture nick) and do the exact same thing. thats why nick prob. hates me. but tim and his bros are even meaner, cuz before they leave, we all farted on both of his pillows, the stench is prob. still there from all those farts, so he cant even use his pillows. lol i shud do this to my bro. btw what is a dutch oven?

Posted in older brother's torturing little brother on 2008-07-22 14:11:25

g2g, give you a real reply tomorrow, chris is callin me.