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Posted in Balls, Nuts, or Testicles! on 2007-11-18 22:08:15

Ballbusting Girls of Hell

Once in grade 7, I was standing by my locker reading a book. It was early morning, and I was waiting for shcool to start. Anyway, a group of cute girls were coming towards me, but I didn't suspect anything, so I went right on reading. Suddenly a shadow went over me. I looked up to see the girls. They were about my age and ther was about ten of them. They had formed a circle around me so that none of the other early kids could see what was happening. One of them suddenly stepped out and grabbed hold of the side of my pants. With a quick move of her arm she pulled down my pants. Then she pulled out a pair of scissors and cut out the front of my boxers so tht my nuts and my $%!@ hung out. I tried to stop her but when I did she grabbed my naked testicles and squeezed hard. I was in so much pain I stopped struggling immediatly. Then she grabbed the front of my shirt and slammed me against the locker. Dazed, I opened my eyes in time to see her knee me in the nuts as hard as she could. I let out a cry of agony and fell to the floor. Then the girl raised her foot and brought it down. Her boot made a sickening crunch as it slammed against my poor, tortured gonads. The other girls giggled and as they left each of them gave me a swift hard kick to the balls. I can't remember where I passed out but I remember awakining about ten minutes after the bell rang.