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Posted in Does the earth rotate? on 2008-12-11 20:02:48

Actually, Earth rotates on its axis once every 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4.1 seconds. But because of Earth's orbital motion, the relative position of the Sun has shifted a little during that time, so Earth must rotate slightly more than once between one noon and the next noon, causing the length of a day to be 24 hours.

Posted in Teenage Boys in Modeling on 2008-12-09 22:03:08

Underwear is a tricky matter, because the kid isn't nude, but isn't dressed in a way that you'd normally see a kid dressed in public.

The question I'd ask a parent who was trying to decide what to do is: Would you feel comfortable having your kid go out in public dressed that way?

If the answer is "yes" then I wouldn't see any problem with having them do modeling dressed that way. If the answer is "no" then I'd suggest thinking twice about it.

Posted in What kind of swimwear should be required in school? on 2008-12-09 06:58:17

"I am assuming that the poll was referring to a general PE classes that have swim instruction as part of the curriculum and not athlectic electives, such as swim team.

I think that schools should provide students with uniform swimwear just as they provide uniform gym suits. In any case, parents should pay for they uniforms."

Sounds reasonable.

"As to what kind of swimwear that should be provided to boys, it is my opinion that schools should provide swim trunks. I agree that the cases for speedo and board shorts have their respective good points.

Speedos are optimal for speed swimming, but are very skimpy and would adversely affect boys with neg. body image, be they too fat or too skinny or whatnot. Futhermore, assuming that these are to be used for intructional swimming and not competitive swimming, I see no need to jeopardize someones self-esteem for a few milliseconds."

I don't think you've thought this through well enough. (Or perhaps you're just uninformed about some things?)

First, the issue with board shorts is not just that they slow you down. The issue is that they affect things like balance and streamlining that all swimmers need to master, whether they're planning to compete or not. So use of board shorts hinders swimming instruction. Trust me on this one! I'm a swim instructor.

Second, P.E. classes are notorious for embarassing people who aren't all that athletic, just as math classes embarass kids who aren't very good at math and English classes embarass kids whose grammar and spelling aren't very good. It goes with the territory. A boy who can't climb the rope like the other boys, a boy who can't catch a ball very well, a fat or skinny boy who has to take off his shirt for a shirts/skins game, are all going to be embarassed. There's no way around it.

Third, the skin that is exposed by speedos but hidden by board shorts isn't normally the skin that a fat or skinny boy is embarassed to show. The embarassment lies in having to go shirtless, and that's going to be an issue regardless of whether they wear speedos or board shorts.

Fourth, if the suits are going to be uniform for all kids, that means that all kids will have to wear them for swim classes, regardless of whether they are competitive swimmers or not. You could, I suppose, excuse competitive swimmers from your swim classes. But that means the suits will not really be uniform. And it also means that any boy who improves enough to join the swim team would end up having bought two suits, both of which he is likely to have outgrown in a year.

"As far as girls' swimwear go, I believe that one-pieces suit are the only choice avaible. Two piece suit create drag and are unpleasent to girls with a negative body self-image and nothing else is much available. [As much as I'm sure the guys would like having the girls in thongs, I dont think school boards would have it. ;~)]"


Posted in Which version of the bible? on 2007-11-18 20:12:41

You are amazingly uninformed! Let's take your comments point by point:

"King James hired an array of 50 different specialized translators. So that is only an assumption that they would translate it as that. If God can divinely inspire the writting of the Bible, why not divine Translation."

If God chose to inspire translations in the same way he inspired the original text, why wouldn't he have inspired a translation into modern English, since very few people today fully understand the English of Shakespeare's time?

In any case, the question is not whether God could inspire a translation, but whether he did. We can test this, in the case of a particular translation, by seeing whether the translation agrees with the original text. The KJV, unfortunately, does not in a number of places.

"They still had the original greek and hebrew texts when the KJV was written."

The Hebrew text the King James translators had was the Masoretic text, which was compiled by a group of Jewish scholars known as the Masoretes between about 700 A.D. and about 900 A.D., and therefore dates from more than a millennium after the Old Testament was written. Contemporary translators have access to Hebrew manuscripts that date from about a thousand years before the Masoretic text was compiled, so they are working from texts that are much closer to the original text than anything to which the KJV translators had access.

"Not to mention the KJV old testament was translated ONLY from Hebrew; and the KJV new testament only from Greek. The new bibles, aside from not having the original copies, also used Grek and Hebrew whereever they felt like."

I know of no contemporary translations that are not directly based on the Hebrew text of the Old Testament and the Greek text of the New Testament.

"Westcott and Hort translated the Revised Version behind closed doors and it was just them translating. Versus the 50 translators of the KJV in the open. Westcott and Hort DID NOT BELIEVE JESUS CHRIST WAS THE SON OF GOD. If anyone wanted the opprotunity to change what the Bible says, it was them."

A friend of mine had a KJV and an RSV and used to read them side by side and come to me when he found a difference. Each time, I'd check it with the Hebrew, and in all but one case, the RSV was correct and the KJV was incorrect.

"There are some parts where the KJV and (I'll just use the NIV, because it is the second choice on the poll) the NIV completely differ. For example, who killed Goliath? David or Elhannon? KJV says David, NIV says both! Contradiction in the NIV!?!? (See 2nd Samuel 21:19 and 1st Chronicles 20:5) I would quote them, but I could only quote the KJV since it is the only one without a copyright. (see 1st Timothy 6:10)"

FYI: Copyright law permits the quoting of brief excerpts for review purposes.

The Hebrew text shows the same discrepency. This is generally believed to be due to a copying error which crept into the text of 2 Samuel 21:19, in which the words "Lahmi the brother of" were inadvertently omitted (since as worded it would disagree not only with Chronicles, but also with itself, since 1 Samuel 17 clearly records that David killed Goliath). The NIV includes a footnote to this effect, but the KJV translators apparently did not choose to give their readers this kind of information.

Posted in Global Warming on 2007-11-11 04:13:53

Global warming IS caused by the Sun, and that is a proven fact! A direct correlation has been found between historic variations in global temperature (including the Medieval Optimum and the Little Ice Age) and variations in the Sun's energy output as evidenced by abudances of certain radioactive isotopes in ice cores from Antarctica and Greenland. Those same indicators reveal that the Sun's energy output over the past 60 years is the highest it has been in the past 11 centuries (see Physical Review Letters 91,211101 (2003) and Physical Review Letters 92,199001-199002 (2004)).