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Posted in BOUND TO PLEASE? (Teen Boys) on 2010-04-30 03:39:36

You state how you were tied to the bench naked, then you explain that you were tickled to the point of almost wetting your PANTS. Interesting...


Posted in Do you belive in God? on 2010-04-25 07:12:29
One thing I've learned throughout life is that we shouldn't spend our lifes arguing how it may end for us and what happens afterwards. The amazing thing is that we all have the ability of free thought and can express it with others OR believe it silently!

However I see no need to debate over set religion because the chances of actually convincing one to abandon their set religion is highly unlike therefore a waste of time. If there is something I know for sure is that my mother taught me to NEVER bring up religion in large numbers of people, you will always have people that disagree with you! It's completely okay to disagree but come on people, just leave it at that! If people in this world want to prey every night, or go to church all the time, belive in Jesus, etc. I encourage them to do so. They are only in the wrong when they start to preech at others that do not want it!

Personally at this point I'm between atheist and modern science beliefs. I do not believe in a magical figure designing everything and is the mighty creator. I suppose I'll find out when I die one day and one day I hope is not soon. Also if a person is to believe in a set religion only when he feels death is near or needs a way out, he/she is a weak person and cannot stand firm. That will never be me.

As far as Hotbot's comments towards Dwfan's English, he may make mistakes through his typing but if he or anyone else were to take a look through Hotbot's hundreds of comments it would seem as if he has correcting to do himself with his typing. It has nothing to do with intelligence with making mistakes in ones comments- although a lot of people on the internet should look through their comments before they post them more often.


Posted in Female vs Male nudity in movies on 2008-01-26 22:24:27

Girls are out thier in their attractive, but still, short shorts, and miniskirts, and have shirts without bras throught most movies, and there is almost always a girl completely nude in a rated "R" movie, and the male doesn't have to show anything, where the women are totally exposed for anyone that sees the movie. Women clearly show much more nudity then men, how often do you even see a man in short shorts, or exposed like a women these days, I don't ever see a male nude in a move that is rated "R" or below. (Frankly I don't want to see one with a naked male for I am a male myself, but i am just saying in a comparasion, men are beat horribly), go women!!

Posted in Showering At School on 2007-10-12 10:57:20

I actually did not have to shower or go in the nude myself in middle school or high school. No kid would dare do it in middle school for not only the fear of embarrassment, but being the only one as well! High just never permitted the time either so nobody did it then. Roomer some teachers had said who had went to the same school they taught in, is they DID have to go and by force.