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Posted in A question for believers on 2010-07-01 07:55:35

Many people, including some of my family members, had joined into a religon involving a holy ruler/creator for the sake of comfort/fear.

It is as if people as they get older sometimes start to fear/want to prepare for death itself and search for things for comfort. Why not go to a religion where they speak of a happy/amazing afterlife therefore you get hope, and set that fear to rest.

Maybe one knows their death is coming, so they fall into religion for the "just in case" factor of thinking for when it actually happens, maybe there is a heaven? Also if there is, why wouldn't you want to enjoy that instead of missing it out for all eternity.

Perhaps people always stay neatural not because they are still deciding but because they can fall into either category last minute before it's too late instead.

So here's the question....

Do you REALLY believe in that religion for the reason everything makes sense to you and you chosen that everything you hear is spoke with truth or did you enter the religion so you feel safe and comfort to your everlasting fear/curiousity of what happens when you die and if you/your "spirit" is secure after death?


Posted in Why Believe In Religion/A God? on 2010-07-01 07:39:14

To "Free Your Mind", or any others with the same statement

As I understand and respect the constructive criticism, please allow me to explain and give my reason why I made this poll the way it is.

The point for this poll was to capture/only capture the religious people and for those people to try and let others know their views on why they DO believe in it themselves. For those who do not, I would only say that you wouldn't have much satisfaction to express your opinion here at this point because it wasn't designed for that category. I am on the side of you anyways, but I enjoy hearing all possibilities about what to look up to, and beliefs- in more detail, particularly in this case, being one's beliefs involving a god/gods.

However, I have been thinking anyways to make some adjustments to this poll to try and improve it to involve more of a general public. Doing so may lead away the focus on God him/her self making the new subject beliefs in general. Therefore I was also thinking to maybe create a seperate poll just asking for those who do NOT believe in a god. I realize now maybe I was wrong to tie in religion with believing in a god, that is how I've always looked at it because the majority of the time people who do not believe in a god classify themselves as having no religion belief. Yes, I am aware of the "religion" scientoligy, but many people probably wouldn't even consider it a religon so I had left it out.

Please to all who want to make a point, tell me if I should make adjustments to this poll itself, making it a more general belief poll instead of only focusing on a god or creating a whole different poll only focussing on those who do not belive in a god. -Thank you!

With Respect


Posted in Child Pornography (again) on 2010-05-08 03:29:50

How ironic it is people come onto the internet, search "Child pornography" and look into polls to talk about it. If these people really are so disgusted with people around this world focusing on these subjects, why would they ever want to hear what people have to say KNOWING there will be people who are WITH child pornography? Sounds like chances of over-emotional people with closet-fetishes to me, I know a lot of people who had experiences of being touched when young and had gotten over it/forgotten it years ago. I've even heard of some cases making those children come to enjoy it- if you so called "abused" ones continue to search around on this web-site some more you would find that out. Anyone who looked up some facts would know that over 50% of all children abused sexually when young, grow up to do the SAME things that were done to them....please let them speak up now, for those are the ones that are looked at for most occassions when rape/molestation occurs with minors.

I myself didn't experience any sort of this abuse, but if I did I woudn't hang around it and sulk in it 29 years later trying to have people feel sorry for me or make other people feel like monsters from just expressing their opinion on the internet. I certainly wouldn't want to hang around subjects as to this for fear of bringing up the passed memories given if they really happened. Truly, it is immature to try and start fights over the internet just from others comments.

Kids, like the one who supposedly created this poll, are curious to hear what others have to say and what kind of world is it when people make others afraid to express any personal feelings and feel shy to give advice that children perhaps may crave. People on here should stop to think more of other outcomes from having changes towards this matter.

I think on more of a logical scale so I must admit to not fully disagree with child pornography being around. Let me bring to attention a very large number of minors themselves browse porn all the time. Some sequences probably driven from curiosity, when others may be more of including $%!@ion. No matter, what if the child pronography was getting looked at by children? Another excellent point made from a previous comment is how if it was generaly accepted and allowed, there probably would be a lot less actual rape/molestation of minors.

On an even more extreme level think of it as only living beings, how is a 17 (or perhaps a little younger) year old differ from an 18 year old? It is from people stating that is how it should be and having that as the only outcome. We were the ones to say that 18 years old was an adult age and no younger, we were just setting a limit. Back centuries ago, sexual attraction started much younger for people and was never frowned between each other. It is just a natural human body, no matter what age and naturally how can humans not become aroused from them? It isn't anything a person can cantrol and there is people in this world scolding them for it! I don't expect all people to understand what I am trying to say. You realize how people like to see things on a smaller scale and find it "cute" which in many cases is baseline for attractive.

I understand people feed into their "Urges" much too strongly and make such foolish mistakes leading them into big trouble. Now because I'm not saying child pornography should be illeagal, should that make me a sick twisted person that derserved hell (Also ironic how most molestation issues are associated with priests, and people are talking about going to hell for it?) or any other insult? I don't feel so, and I wouldn't ever go out and molest a child either, nor my children when I am a father later in life. There is over 6 billion people in this world and not everyone can be completely like the majority of the population including types of sexual preferences/ages.

Look at it on a scientific level, everything is composed of atoms forming into molecules, causing variation of life- DNA. The DNA grows into any life form you hear about or see around you, constantly and very rapidly it will change and adapt into new kinds of ways to live. All living things are structered with a reproductive system in some way causing arousal (With living things that have that feature) when the time the body feels it is needed. Animals you see that hump everything when not able to control hormones/urges is looked at as silly. When a human does it, he/she becomes a cruel person that derserves torture and a horrible death with suffering for all eternity without any mercy.

Just face the fact that there will always be people to disagree with your opinions and/or living conditions. I've read some children, mostly boys, had to remain nude at all times at home for punishment or for keeping them in thier places as children. Some stories, could be fantasies, tell how whenever an erection had come the children had to "take care of it" right then and there and/or be spanked or punished for it afterwards. Are these people sick freaks or just ones who found new ways of punishment/justice system they found to work better than beating as discipline.


Posted in BOUND TO PLEASE? (Teen Boys) on 2010-04-30 03:54:36

It is funny how open people become on a screen...

I agree, these experiences when played out with safety as well and responsibility have no harm and are extremely exciting! Something that seems to never get old!


Posted in BOUND TO PLEASE? (Teen Boys) on 2010-04-30 03:46:21

Ha! Guaradon, your response is a funny one! I agree with you though, I find it quite a bit awkward....just goes to prove how much different we are with the animals we attempt to tame- not very!