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Posted in School Uniform on 2013-07-28 14:20:26


Yeah, I am a young adult now and didn't have to wear them either. I was sometimes put into a small shirt after spanking because I was so self conscious and my father knew this. However, it was always at home and not for too long.

I agree with bringing back short shorts for boys though and even requiring them. They look WAY better!


Posted in Why Believe In Religion/A God? on 2011-08-02 08:47:35

Interesting Response,

You are right about something having to have a cause for it's creation. But I don't believe something has to have a designer, as if it was planned out. I believe in the balance that has inevitable changes which effects all forms of life but not because of one 'designer', because of cause and effect.

One summer in Australia, out of an instance, shark attacks were reported on the shores of Australia, even the city Sydney after decades without one attack. You could think a god is controlling the minds of a shark, or you could see it was all because of a shift in the balance in that ecosystem. A temperature change in the ocean caused new currents to take place (a river also playing a part with the temperature having an unusual amount of heat into the ocean). With the heat entering in one part, the current was actually more cool than usual near the shores, which fish prefer. This current followed into the shores and small fish followed this current from the force as did the bigger fish that ate them and the sharks that hunted the bigger fish. Hence, sharks were in the area, at their young adolence age, they were at a time of life they needed to test for themselves what to eat, and what not to eat. Humans being tested during those times.

Everything is changing constantly in one way or another, the simplist activities that happen (or we humans make) can cause a major chain reaction. Cause and effect.


Posted in slave on 2010-08-25 18:10:03

Hot Dog,

Do you ever get chained up from time to time while a slave, to "keep you in your place"? If so, how is it done/what positions are you in, what are/do you wear/wearing and for how long?

Also, do you ever get displayed to other people when friends come over and shown off as entertainment by your masters, even possibly while chained up as well?

Posted in Why Believe In Religion/A God? on 2010-08-15 05:47:36


Thank you very much for the advice, maybe there will be a day that comes where I decide to read more of the holy bible. Until then, I have gone to church very often in respect to my family because I wouldn't intentionally cause negativity among us.

As for forgetting everything, that would be a difficult task to commit. My enthusiasm grew so much throughout passed years to hear theories, I've heard all kinds of scientific explanations. And they were informing as much as they were interesting.

That being said, I always remain an open-minded person so my opinions tend to change quite often. Plus, I will have to admit, the religion factor set aside, what religion does is bring a lot of good people together into one group. Religious people are very generous, selfless at times and over-all pleasant to be around. (As far as I've seen)

To this day I still stand as a non-practicer of any set religion, perhaps classified into the category of atheisim.

Posted in Why Believe In Religion/A God? on 2010-08-15 05:38:53


I am happy to hear from somebody who shares my views, I am constantly around others who can be quick to judge/impose onto others about their religion. On the other hand, I don't think any less of them myself from our differences, it is a wonderful thing to say what you want, believe what you want. But not to demand others to agree to everything you want.

A great majority of my family have been tuned out from any other choices because they've been blinded from the preachings they recieved. It is a trick sometimes, I realized when I would go to church with them (as respect to my grandparents), where I witnessed the preacher quickly pin them against others religions and how "obviously it's not the TRUE religiong". They were told to "save" the others who do not follow jesus, making them want to "help" ones who do not want to be "helped".

Although teachers are not allowed to express their views, I remember a few teachers who taught the science ways well, FULL of explanations and theories that you cannot get from religions. Realizing it myself, I came to my conclusion for myself that perhaps it is as silly to believe in a god as much as magic.

The thing of it is, I won't ever judge others who concur with my views, holding us together in a strong frienship/relationship, setting aside our disagreed views.

Words of wisdom from my mother, "NEVER bring up religion, or politics in a group of people, there will ALWAYS be an argument/differences".

-Thank You.