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Posted in Cold for Beauty? on 2012-08-16 08:38:50

@shiverfan: I didn't say nor did I think it was torture - I was just amazed how much she could endure! And perhaps it's a girly thing but I was missing a little bit of environment. In your other story you just told more about the whole setup, her reactions, the feelings. Your last story was more like a list of facts than a story (but still interesting).

@all others: I'll try to finish the next chapter today when I find the time.

Posted in Cold for Beauty? on 2012-08-15 12:19:29

Sorry guys - no update today, the day is just too beautiful to spend it in front of the PC. Many thanks for the wonderful feedback and the congratulations - I will continue posting.

@shiverfan - your girlfriend still amazes me with her level of endurance - what you were applying to her sounds almost like torture rather than an erotic game. No wonder you had to tie her up. She must be very, very proud of what she's able to take!

Posted in Cold for Beauty? on 2012-08-14 10:10:46

First of all: thanks to all for your lovely responses! They make it worth the time to continue writing. I'm not the fastest in typing and English is not my first language, that makes the whole thing quite an effort.

@daewongkim1994: OK, I now learned that teeth "chatter" not "shatter" - thanks for helping me improving my English.

I don't take many photos myself, sometimes I take a snapshot or a short video with my mobile, but it never really occurred to me to film myself in such a situation. Considering the large number of requests I'm getting, I think I should have done it - could have been fun and a small but considerable extra income.

Many clients have been taking photos or videos during some assignments, also on very cold days, but I don't have them. I don't know exactly what I'm going to do work wise in the future but I actually think I would like to do some erotic modeling. Shivering or freezing videos could be something I could specialize in. I don't mind very much feeling cold, there's surely a demand and apparently there are not too many girls doing it. I's not a decision I'm likely to take in the next weeks or so but I'll keep you posted.

As for your other questions:

How long would you say you would chatter your teeth before they would finally stop?

There's no general answer to that. As long as I'm really, really cold but still have force it can go on for a very long time. After half an hour or so my jaws begin to hurt. So it's often an on/off thing.

I wasn't constantly chattering and shivering. In times of great physical activity I wasn't. Goosebumps I had practically all the time, except when inside, shivering a lot - I'd say more than half of the time, teeth chattering after a lot of shivering until getting completely exhausted.

I'm curious though would you say you have a lot of hair on your arms or no

I have visible hair on my arms, but not a lot - otherwise I'd shave it like on my legs and on my $%!@.

Wow, what a person you are to go through all of this!!

Well, I thought the same about shiverfan's girlfriend. Maybe my assignments were physically more demanding but I'd definitely say that if I was in the fridge, she was deep frozen! I mean, she took hours and hours without physical activity, spent a lot of time in icy water and was constantly rubbed down with snow.

@shiverfan and @gfx: please post more stories too!

Sunday's adventures will follow soon!

Posted in Cold for Beauty? on 2012-08-13 14:13:32

So, here's the next part of my snowy weekend's story:

First some preliminary remarks :

The last long weekend has turned my world upside down. Read about it here. Because of that I find it difficult to concentrate, my mind wanders and I feel like I want to hug the whole world and to tell everybody about my happiness.

Besides that, now that the sun is shining and warm wind is coming through the open window and after four days between beach and yacht I find it hard to recall the memories of this now suddenly very remote weekend in last winter. I will still try to give my very best to let you be part of it.

Saturday evening

"Picnic", I thought, "and naked? How should we do that?" - "Don't be afraid" Frank said "Everything will be alright".

As he led me out of the house, it had started snowing a bit. Naked and on bare feet I was guided to the back of the house where I had slept the night before. Whilst I had been in the bathroom he hadn't been lazy. There was a camp fire burning and a thick blanket was spread out in the snow, there were candles, red wine, champagne, glasses, dishes and some plates with food. It was a really a beautiful sight.

We sat down on the blanket. "I guess, you're not up for much physical activity today?!" he said. I shook my head. The day had definitely brought me to my physical limits. As always, he got it right, I really didn't need any clothes for the picnic. Yes, it was cold but with the fire near it was just bearable. I only had to change position from time to time to get another side warmed up. The cold was creeping through the blanket, but also still bearable.

We had some wine, enjoyed the wonderful food and were chatting about many things. He told me that I looked great in the light of the fire. I was only slightly shivering and was actually able to enjoy the situation. We both noticed that my skin was covered with goosebumps on the side away from the fire. The snow flakes would not melt on my body hair (I'm mostly shaved, legs and pubic hair completely, but not on my arms). When I puffed at them they would fly away. It was a wonderful moment. I felt sexy, beautiful and cherished.

That's what all this "cold for beauty" thing is all about. I think, few people actually enjoy freezing, but it can be worth it.

Frank made me lay down. The blanket was cold but dry, then he touched me with his cold hands which made me shudder. I don't know how much was because of the cold and how much because of the excitement his finger tips were causing me. I was laying bottom up, my legs spread a bit, my eyes closed when I suddenly felt ice cold drops on my back. I nearly jumped up but Frank hold me back, "Don't move" he said as he was pouring drops of ice cold champagne on my back, legs, shoulders and bottom.

I shuddered and shivered and it was an incredibly intense experience. Just when I thought I couldn't get any more excited I suddenly felt that something was pulled over my eyes and I was blindfolded. After that he tied each ankle to the thigh (I'm pretty bendy) and then my wrists to the ankles and the sides of my thighs. I couldn't close my legs anymore. Light bondage had been part of the agreement and we had already done stuff like this - you never do things like that alone with a firt time customer as there is a certain risk involved, but with Frank this was more than OK.

As I lay there bundled up he turned me on my back and began pouring more of the champagne over me. I gasped, shuddered and shivered. Frank asked me "are you feeling cold?" as I heard him opening up a new bottle. I nodded. "no, you're not" he said and began to pull the blanket from underneath me until I was laying completely in the snow. He had been right - as my naked skin touched the snow I felt the cold creeping into it. I hold my breath for a moment as he began to pour more ice cold champagne over me - especially over my $%!@, my belly and over my $%!@, now it weren't drops, it was a constant dripple. I was all wet with the icy fluid. My belly and legs were spasming, I made a lot of the funniest noises although at this moment there didn't seem to be funny to me. As the champagne ran down on my sides I felt that it made the snow melt for a moment but a moment after it froze on the ground.

If I hadn't been tied I would have never been able to take this. When I just thought I couldn't take it anymore, my teeth were chattering heavily, the dripple suddenly ceased. I began to stammer "I ... I ... I ...", I wanted to say that I had just been about to ask for mercy I felt another drop hitting my belly. I almost screamed, so cold was it, then I realized that it hadn't been cold, but hot, really hot! Frank had started to pour hot wax from one of the candles on me. I have been treated with wax before but never when my skin was almost frozen.

The feeling was incredible, at first you don't really feel any pain because your skin is almost numb nut then blood flushes into the skin where the drop hit you. As your blood vessels open it hurts and bites and you feel everything with an extreme intensity. You feel your own blood pulsating, the cold air and the warmth from the wax.

As more and more drops hit my body, Frank had to hold me down me down with one hand as I was thrashing around and screaming like a madwoman. The hot drops hit me everywhere, especially on and around my nipples, on my belly and on and around my nipples. My senses were completely confused with the sensations of extreme cold and extreme heat at the same time. He hold my shivering body tightly and I didn't even notice when he stopped pouring wax on me but some moments later I suddenly felt him over me, pressing me deep into the snow and entering me.

He was incredibly hard and didn't need many pushes to get completely into. All of a sudden I came for the first time when he started $%!@ing me with all his force. Everything blurred around me. I was hammered into the snow, completely helpless and had one orgasm and then another and another. I don't know how long he $%!@ed me liked this. When he got up from me I was breathing heavily and hadn't left any force or willpower. He opened the bands around my ankles and my released legs fell flat on the snow and started shaking almost immediately but I couldn't even take them off the ground.

Frank took off my blindfold, I managed to look at him and smile. I whispered "did you enjoy this?" He nodded and asked "And you?" "It was incredible" I answered. He got up and turned me on my front side. I gasped again but was practically unable to move. He grabbed my legs and pulled me like a sand sack slowly through the snow to the nearly extinguished fire where he layed me down upon my right side. The ice and the snow felt like thousands of small sharp crystals on my bruised and abused skin.

I got a little warmth from the glimming wood but my side was laying in the snow and my backside exposed to the cold nightly air. I lay there, shivering with chattering teeth, slowly curling up whilst he was putting all the picnic stuff into some baskets.

When I saw him leaving I thought about trying to get up as I knew it wouldn't take long until I was going to freeze to death but didn't have the will power to do so - it would have been difficult anyway, my legs were free but my hands were still tied to my thighs. Fortunately he came back after a very short while a pulled me on my feet. My legs were shaking and if he wouldn't have hold me I would have fallen down into the snow again.

He guided me into the house and I somehow expected that he would untie me and take me into the shower but instead he carried me to his bedroom, threw me face down on his bed and started to $%!@ me from behind. I felt good but this time I didn't came - I guess I was to exhausted and still to cold. Even when he finished I was still shivering a little but at least my teeth had stopped chattering.

I was like a breathing doll in his hands, unable to move and to react. He wrapped me into a blanket and lay my down on the wooden floor. I curled up and fell asleep immediately. I had the most intense and erotic dreams before I woke up from the sound of my own chattering teeth. It was still dark outside and I felt incredibly cold when I felt a movement besides me. Frank had stood up, took me into his arms and brought me to his bed. It felt so incredibly good to feel his strong and warm body besides my freezing naked self and I fell asleep again after only a couple of minutes.

Sunday's adventures will follow soon! As always I'd love to get feedback. Without feedback I feel like I'm boring you.

Posted in Thoughts about prostitution on 2012-08-13 09:17:58

I'm the creator of this poll.

This weekend changed my life completely: I just finished my last job to become a "respectable" woman.

I got booked by a regular customer for four days in Nice. We had, as always with him, a fantastic time and it ended with a really romantic dinner where he proposed to me - which I gladly accepted. This man is just wonderful, he's good looking, cultivated and respectful. I'm full of happiness at this moment. It still costs me believing that such a great man could have fallen in love with a simple $%!@ like me. I think I had fallen in love with him already before. When I received his booking request I really had butterflies in my stomach.

So, now my life is changing completely. This week I'll be moving in with him. Of course I quit my job as $%!@. I don't look back with regret, all the contrary: I had a really good time. I met lots of interesting and nice people, customers and co-workers. I learned more about peoples' needs and empathy than a career in psychology could have taught me. It was a good time but I embrace my future with full heart and I expect to be a good wife and hopefully eventually a good mother too.

Please don't stop voting and commenting in my poll. Being a prostitute has been and will be an important part of my personal history and I'm still interested in what other people think about prostitution.