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Posted in Judicial CP on 2010-07-20 23:17:45

Hi Thordis,

No problem, apology accepted. :) In fact, I found it a little amusing to be thought of as a sexist.

I too should be very interested to know why Amy (and others) seem to think CP should be reserved for men. I think subjecting men to the type of humiliation Amy suggests would end up making the world a very dangerous place for women.

Posted in Judicial CP on 2010-07-20 01:41:59

Amy2010, why are you such a sexist? Has a man upset you at some time?

If you think CP is a good way of controlling crime, why don't to want to deter female criminals? Would you suffer less if you were attacked and seriously injured by a gang of women than by a man. Would you lose less if your home were burgled by a woman?

CP would probably be more effective on women than on men because it directly punishes the offender. When a woman is fined, quite often her husband pays it, she effectlive escapes punishment. If she were publicly caned instead, it would be a powerful deterrent to other women thinking of offending.

Posted in Judicial CP on 2010-07-20 01:33:13

Hi Thordis,

I don't know why you put that question to me, it was Amy2010 who expressed that sexist view, not I.

For the record, I believe both sexes should be treated completely equally - if a woman commits a crime she should receive exactly the same punishment as a man would. The victim doesn't suffer less because the offender is female so why should the offender receive a lesser punishment?

Posted in Judicial CP on 2010-06-17 10:38:15

I've always been led to believe that men and boys prefer CP to other punishments whilst girls and women resent it. This poll seems to show the opposite. The question "Would you personally prefer to be sentenced to CP instead of up to six months imprisonment?" has over 92% female respondents saying "yes" but only 74% of male respondents.

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2009-09-22 02:16:50


Sorry, I've done it again.

I made a poll but launched it before I'd finished it so I cancelled the launch. I then finished the poll and attempted to launch it. Now the promote status says "A different launch of this poll has already been submitted to the directory. For more information, you may view its review status." but original launch it can't be found because it was cancelled. The new (complete) poll is number 452138 and the cancelled poll is number 451720. Could you swap the launches please so that 452138 can be reviewed and, if acceptable, added to the directory?

Why doesn't cancelling a poll free the system to allow a new launch?

Thanks & Regards,