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Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2018-08-19 21:51:24

Please delete my account.

Posted in The Official Mister Poll Forum on 2018-08-02 18:29:46

Please delete my account

Posted in Pubic Hair Removal and others on 2009-02-19 00:59:58

I've never gotten hard during the procedure,although I did get larger once.As she applied the wax I got a powerful sensation of pleasure shoot through every nerve in my body.She certainly knew what happened,but estheticians are too sweetly professional to say anything-unless the guy acts lewdly,or says something bad.

Posted in Pubic Hair Removal and others on 2009-02-16 14:14:57

I love the feeling of being waxed.People never know how truly barbaric shaving is until they get waxed off.

I'm a guy in my 40's and I started getting the service about a year and a half ago.I've had 3 different technicians perform the Brazilians for me,all female. My female friends all ask me if I was embarrassed,and tell me how they can't do it for that reason.I tell them it's a little weird,maybe like posing nude for an art class.That's a pretty good comparison,because the whole thing makes me feel like a work of art.

Posted in strip poker on 2007-09-09 14:53:46

Losing Big

I played a game of strip poker with two female friends,and in no time I was down to my birthday suit.They offered me the chance to continue...first by requiring an ejaculation if I lost another hand,then by having me make the short walk through the apartment complex nude.I took the offer,losing the next two hands.As I made good on the bet for the first hand,my cute friend alerted others on my parade route to get their cameras ready.I'm lucky they were amused and appreciative,as it was summer,and way before dark on my naked walk home.