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Posted in School Punishment on 2015-05-21 08:07:52


I have put a new thread on your new poll intead of here which I have slso taken the poll. Only problem wasd it said Ihad to be 18..


Posted in School Punishment on 2015-05-07 11:30:18

Hi Rick

I see what you mean. Not encouraging because you know it will go on and on, but encouraging because you know it’s not just you and so no one will think any the less of you because of them. They are embarrassing at the time and others will tease him about them, but you get over them and later you can usually see the funny side. I was embarrassed to be caught necking in a movie, but I am glad I was necking! You learn from your experiences, and live with them or l laugh at them.

My dad says that I will be too old to be spanked when I stop behaving like a little kid who needs to be spanked. It is embarrassing, humiliating, but he says it is my choice. Start behaving like a young adult and maybe I won’t be spanked, he says. It does not often happen any more, but I know it dad’s belt is still there and dads right arm and is still strong enough to make sure it hurts when he spanks me. It is not much fun for of growing up and finding out that dad has something to spank you with that hurts more than what he has been using. Hand, hairbrush, paddled, a belt.

I am not the only boy who has ever opened a fire hydrant on a hot summer day. My dad probably did the same thing he was a kid. But this time it was me. Sometimes you need to shed your shirt and cool off in cut-offs or swim trunks, although I done is still wearing my T shirt and jeans. Of course the cops chase us, but sometimes the city hands out shower heads, so even when we open the hydrants we do not run of the hydrants dry. A boyish prank maybe, but just because my dad did it as a boy does not mean he would not spank me for it. It is not a chance I want to take, and I hope he does not find out even now.

I can see that you might be more concerned about the paddle or belt at home than at the school paddle There were probably regulations, rules and limits as to what they could do at school. At home the only limit is what your dad thinks. He can punish you as severely as he thinks you need or deserve, over as much or as little clothing as he chooses. As you know, I get it bare, an you got it on your skivvies (briefs) or bare butt. I think that most dads, dads who spank, do it like that. I was talking about the awesome responsibility and the tough love it must take to spank your son. You hate it and he hates it, and he hates you for doing it, and you do it anyway, because you love him so much and you are yearning for the day when you will not need to correct him that way. I’m too old. I bet my dad wishes I was.

Of course James looks up to me but he tries his level best not to treat me as a young adult. He would rather treat me as a big kid. Deep down James knows I do not do the same kid things as he does. I like some time alone, but James likes to tag along and do all the things I do. He likes me a lot and I like him too but sometimes I wish he would leave me alone. I know I have a special responsibility, as I have to accept that James looks to me and the example I set. Maybe that is giving me a little insight what it will be like later when I dad. James trusts me to look out for him and his parents trust me to keep him safe and set a good example in both of words and actions because he will want to do or say the same. A role m. Awesome!

I do not have a problem with kids saying but dad said that for dad did that. I tried that with my mom and she said when your dad’s age you can do it. I suppose having my cousin James there is the next best thing to having a little brother. Although I have heard some people find a little brother a pain.

You know me, Rick. I will always live life to the fullest whether it is an old fashioned way or a new fashioned way. Blending the two has got to be the best way.

At our school year does not end until June so there is some time to go. Exams are looming and we are preparing hard. I don’t want to suffer from a spring fever and spend of those who warm lazy days at summer school, do I? I think I will do well again. I am going to see if I can manage straight A’s this year. I think my parents would be proud of that, but not half as proud as I would be. That, I think, would be a sign that I am growing up.

All of the best, and we will talk again real soon.


Posted in School Punishment on 2015-04-24 12:48:08

Hi Rick

It is not very encouraging to hear you say that embarrassing moments are going to be part of my life forever. However you do get over them, maybe learn from them, and find that being embarrassed is not the end of the world. It is no fun being embarrassed and there are all kinds of things than can embarrass a boy and an adult too, I suppose. You have to learn not to live with it, get over it learn from it and not let it ruin your life.

I am sure that being a parent, my parent has its share of twists and turns and my parents seem to cope with most of them pretty well. Yes, sometimes talking is not enough and you have to walk the walk, stand up and be counted. Dad says when the going gets tough the tough get going. So I have made a start, and at my age who can ask for more than that? Yes good guidance from parents plus me being me making me sure I will succeed.

I have never liked getting spanked even though I know I always deserved my punishments. I do not think I have ever been spanked for something I have not done. And if I have maybe it counted as payback, for something I had done but had not been caught doing. I do not think my dad likes spanking me then or now, but I bet he does not dislike is as much as I do. I do not think it hurts him as much as it hurts me. But if it helped me to I learn those hard lessons that are so important, then all that pain will have been worthwhile. When I tried to tell dad I was too old for spanking he said I would be too old when he said I was too old, and while I behaved as I do, that time is some way ahead.

I am not yet at that stage where I can tell my dad about things I have done and got away with. It may come. One day. Maybe. I deserve all the spankings I guess, and more. They’re not cruel or abusive. They just hurt. Times I got away without being spanked when I should have been are beyond number. When I say should have been, I mean I could have been and would have been had I had been caught. I think most boys, most boys like me get away with, not murder, butt lots of other things we do. We all do

I have to be a bit careful now, because Dad could still give me a good butt whipping if he found out. He still doesn’t know it was me who opened up by the fire hydrant last summer so we could cool off. We ran like hell when the cops arrived, No one was caught. That would have got me spanked for sure, especially as it was my idea. I’m not a bad kid, Rick and I wouldn’t do anything really bad. I wonder if my dad did the same sort of things I do when he was a kid. I know I am certainly not the first boy ever to open up a fire hydrant Perhaps my dad and I will have a laugh about it one day, and perhaps about some of the other things I have done. Titter laugh. Perhaps when I am in my mid-twenties!

Even if spanking is not as common it once was, I still think it goes on in a lot of households. I think lots of boys and girls still get spanked at home. And let’s face it; most kids do behave at school. At least at my school. It is not that we are scared about what will happen if we misbehave. However, there will always be some for whom corporal punishment is still the best way. The only way. I know that if corporal punishment was still allowed as my school, if they could spank us, I would make some different choices. I suppose that is the point of corporal punishment. To adjust attitudes, to adjust behavior.

Heck, Rick, if I came home with a family service business card and said something like that to my parents, they would have my pants and underwear down in the blink of an eye and I would soon have a very sore bottom. But it would never get that far. Like you, I love and respect my parents too much for that. I know I am lucky to have, the parents I have, and a school like mine. Some kids are not so lucky, and perhaps they need family services to protect them. There are even people on Mr. Poll who seem to be in that situation.

Growing up in our household spanking has been one of the sanctions my parents use. And when all else fails dad is always prepared to strap my bare bottom. I know that even when I do not agree with them, they will do what they think is best for me and if that is walloping my backside then so be it.

You said Dad does not like spanking me, and I am sure you are right. I think it takes a special sort of Dad and a special sort of love to do something that hurts him so much, knowing that for a few minutes I will hate him and say all the worst things I can think of, do not mean, and will regret, and he will put in with all that more because… it must be so hard to spank your son, must take a special kind of love.

Easter is always a joyful occasion in our house. When everyone gathers together it is almost like Thanksgiving. Our priest says that too. I think James likes me and looks up to me more than he would admit. In am good to him and he knows it. He is supposed to treat me like an adult, but he knows I am not a real adult and takes full advantage of it. But I find it quite a responsibility to have him the youngest member of the family tagging along, knowing that anything I do he will try and copy. Yes, sometimes he is awake when I come in. But once I am there he relaxes and is soon asleep. Easter egg hunt? Yes James (11) enjoyed it, so did his mom (35) my Mom (40ish) and Fred and Marge who are my godparents. Some things you never grow out of.

The old fashioned ways often are the best.

Talk again soon


Posted in School Punishment on 2015-04-14 12:28:13

Hi. Rick.

Thanks for the your response. I too would bet the lecture at school and the embarrassing moment at the movie theater are lessons I will learn from. Sometimes growing up seems to be a series of lectures and embarrassing moments,you learn from as least for a boy. I would love to live in that house up in New Hampshire among the forests and hills and mountains and the lakes. But I guess I love home too.

I think my parents do their best for me through all the twists and turns as I grow from a boy to a man.Without their support and guidance I would feel lost hoping rather than expecting success. People say I will get there, one day, but talk is talk and other people talking is not the same as me walking the walk. I have to do that part .Of course I did not like being spanked, and I would not like it if it happened now. But I learned from them, especially ones I chose not to learn the easy way. I probably deserved every spanking I got, and more. But if they save me from doing more serious things as an adult then I will thank my dad and say that every one of them worthwhile

I think by the time we saw him in the locker room he was regretting the stunt. He was not embarrassed, bt then he never was. Like the rest of us. If you were up to the risk you had to face the consequences, or be willing to. We did not razz him much. We have all been tanned before for equally risky stunts. There is not much spanking a these days, and so we talk to and share details with our closest friends when we or they were paddled. It is a little bit embarrassing, but OK, because you both know he could have been him.

Thank you for your good wishes. Easter was awesome. We went to church several times and this time I wanted to go, rather than being made to go. I even went to the all night vigil. My aunt, uncle and little nephews came to stay and on Sunday I had to be up early as I was on Easter Bunny duty and had to hide the eggs. I was so tired James was still awake when I went up to bed. He is only 11, but likes to sleep in my room.

For now


Posted in boys in the nude on 2015-04-14 11:35:54

Hi Billy

Do you like playing with no clothes on. I used to do it more than I do now. We used to hang out, play and swim like that. We were all friends and liked to hike, camp fish and things like that. Still do. But as younger teenagers we became interested in each other in a different way,tou know, as we passed through. For a while we were very interested in each others bodies, and mutual jerking, doing it to each others, spanking, cuddling and even kissing were fun things to do.