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Posted in Girls School on 2008-07-05 17:25:34

In my school they had no boys whatsoever not even teachers.I eventually got used to it and started dating girls .I had lots of girls in my dorm and almost everyday we played truth or dare and spin the bottle.Truth or dare we usually do ANY dare the other person says such as kiss them, sleep with them,etc.And spin the bottle the first is just a kiss, the second is a french kiss, the third is make out, and last is take off a piece of clothing. If u want 2 no more write to me in the messages

Posted in Girls Going Topless on 2008-07-05 17:15:31

The first time I went topless I went to a pond at my house and I LOVED the feel of wind on my breasts. Not too long after I went down my friend saw me and sneaked up behind me, grabbed my boobs and pushed me in the water. I never had anyone grab my boobs before, but it felt really nice

Posted in Your First Naked Girl on 2008-04-23 23:26:15

she is my nextdoor neighbor and we have known each other for a while.We had slept in the same bed but nothing happend.Then during the summer we were going to go swimming. Usually she tells me to turn around and close my eyes.I did.When she said she was ready I turned around and she was completely naked. She walked over to me ( by the way she had a nice situation) and she kissed me then she smiled and got dressed in front of me.I was going to sleep over at her house that night and her mom had no bed for me and I had no extra clothes so we slept in the same bed and she took off all her clothes when she went to sleep.

Posted in When did you know? (Lesbians only) on 2008-04-12 03:03:59

Once my sister came home and she already knew she was gay.She came home once and was getting really intimite with her girlfriend.I saw here the whole time and when her girlfriend left, she asked why I was watching.I didn't know and she suggested that maybe I was gay too.I asked how I would know and she had me suck her %*#%@ and nipples to see how I reacted.When she saw I REALLY enjoyed it, then I knew.

Posted in Boobs on 2008-04-10 02:17:32

Actually I go to an all girl school and I said it was my bf, but it is actually my gf.Sometimes she asks to suck on them and it feels so good.