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Posted in Do you enjoy wearing a tie? on 2017-01-31 03:00:53

It was gradual - just little by little over a period of about a year, until she got me where she wanted me, attire wise. I've posted about it in the past, you could read it all there. My wife loves to adjust my tie, so it's always tightened to please her whenever she's around. At work i wear a tie snug, she puts it on me in the morning before i leave for work. it holds my tie exactly where she tightened it for the day.

Posted in Do you enjoy wearing a tie? on 2017-01-25 03:16:19

Very good, sounds like you've taken the next step!

Posted in Do you enjoy wearing a tie? on 2017-01-04 03:05:53

Hello there. My wife definitely does not like it when my tie and collar are not tight enough, she will punish me in one way or another when my collar isn't too her standards.

Posted in Do you enjoy wearing a tie? on 2017-01-03 07:31:33

Very good, try a higher and tighter collar!

Posted in Do you enjoy wearing a tie? on 2016-11-09 03:08:56

Hello Sir,

That's all right, i do check this site from time to time and saw your reply.

My collars do leave a mark on my neck, yes. How much of a mark depends on how tight my wife keeps my tie, but regardless of that it does leave a mark. If I wore an open collar shirt, or a lower collar, the mark would be visible. Because of this, I'm rather trapped in these high collars and ties. I think the only way around that would be to go collar free over a weekend, I think the mark would fade. Until then, though, it's high collars and ties for me.

She is thinking about the chastity, something to keep me more under control, at least when I'm not in her presence. She does seem excited about the idea of her keeping me in chastity, I must say this worries me!. She is also looking into higher collar shirts for me, if she can find any - there may be 3 or 4 button collars that are higher than my current collar, but we'll see. If she finds them, I'm sure I'll soon be wearing them.

She does have her own collars starched, excepting the silk and satin ones she wears - she is often in a collared shirt, sometimes a silk tie neck or satin blouse, though, which cannot take a starching.

I do own a tuxedo now, for now we sometimes attend formal events. However, we also enjoy what she calls our "black tie dinner" at home, either on Saturday or Sunday, depending on if we have plans outdoors. So I do wear black tie tuxedo for her once a week for dinner, for now.

We can communicate more here, or my email is xc52020@yahoo.com.