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Posted in UK Girl's Corporal Punishment on 2012-07-03 01:31:58

sorry I did not answer until now. Since then I have called her that one time by accident. I was in my room and she knocked twice for me to come to dinner but I thought it was my younger sister so I ignored it. The second time I yelled to leave me alone B------. Mom got so mad. Since my father was home he handled the spanking. I have been warned that next time I use that language towards anyone I will also get soap in my mouth. That scares me. This happened two months ago.

Posted in What Happened After Father Got Home on 2012-07-02 22:08:29

Yesterday my mother caught me and a friend drinking some beer that we stole from her house. I am 13. My mother called the other girls mother and she came and got her. She then called my father who said he will be home in an hour to take care of me. When my mother told me he would be home in an hour I knew what was going to happen. She also put me on the corner to wait for him to come home. As soon as I heard the door open I knew my shorts and panties were coming down and the paddle with holes would be hitting my $%!@. Having to wait was the longest hour of my life just thinking about what was coming to mt rear end.

Posted in UK Girl's Corporal Punishment on 2011-12-23 22:58:12

I was spanked this past summer in my Bikini at the beach. I am 13. My mother told me that the bikini that I wanted to wear was too showing. I told her in a nasty voice that it is my body and I will wear what I want. She said fine but if I wanted to wear it I would not be allowed to wrap myself i a towel or wear a t-shirt at any time. She said that this is because If I feel that it is OK than I should not worry about covering myself up. I answered her with an attitude again. While driving to the beach she told me again about the rules and I called her a B-----. When we got to the beach I was told to get into the back seat of the van and my mom untied my bottoms and spanked me real hard all over the butt. She than re-tied them and reminded me that I could not use a towel or a Tshirt. I was so embarrased as I knew people could see my red butt. I was real embarassed when we saw some boys from my class. I was also not allowed in the water and had to stand unless mom said I could sit which was not alot. When we got back to the van I said to my mom with attitude that I hoped she was happy and I still thoughtshe was a b-----. She then removed my bottoms again and spanked me even harder, I had to wear only the bikini for the next two days.


Posted in Domestic Discipline for Wives on 2010-07-25 23:09:35