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Posted in Two on One Wrestling on 2011-04-25 18:45:38

I am a 19 year old boy, and I had two friends staying over at my house after a party - Helen, who is 19 as well, and Carly, who is 18. I'm about 6'2", but the girls are both about 5'5", so I am quite a bit taller.

I was woken up the next morning by the two girls sitting on my double bed - Helen in white pyjamas and Carly in a set of red bra and panties. I, meanwhile, was wearing nothing under my sheets, and Carly was sat on my crotch. "Do you wanna wrestle?" she asked, grabbing my hands and pushing them down onto the bed. I agreed, and immediately she moved forward to straddle my neck before I could push her off. Helen meanwhile jumped up to sit on my stomach, pulling the sheets tight around my legs to keep my from moving them.

My arms were left free, and I was able to grab Carly and pull her off, knocking her off the bed. Then I sat up, wrapping pulling the sheet up to wrap it around Helen, pinning her arms to her sides. I pushed her facedown and sat on her back, keeping her pinned and immobile. Carly got back onto the bed and I quickly grabbed her in a headlock, dragging her over Helen's legs. With my free hand I reached over and grabbed at her thong, yanking it up as far as I could until Carly tapped. I let her go and quickly turned Helen over, before sitting reverse on her face. She quickly tapped out as well.

I had an erection by this point, and the girls were both delighted to see it. "Another round?" Carly asked, slipping her ripped thong off and throwing it in my face. She then reached back to undo her bra, throwing that at me as well and leaving her naked. Helen remained in her pyjamas.

This time I went on the offensive, leaping across the bed and tackling both girls down. I swung my legs up to straddle both girls at once, as they were both right next to each other. They tried to grab at me, but I moved forward to pin their arms underneath me. I slapped at Carly's breasts a few times before undoing Helen's pyjama top and revealing her bare breasts beneath. "Get off!" she squealed, struggling. I grabbed the sheet and threw it over her as I dismounted, then pulled Carly on top of her, dragging her breasts across Helen's. This time I lay back and wrapped my thighs around her face, putting my hands behind her head to hold her in there. I squeezed for a while before slipping my erection into her mouth, thrusting back and forth as she struggled to escape. Eventually I unloaded into her mouth and she tapped out, exhausted.

I released Carly and she got off the bed, lying spreadeagle on the floor. Helen escaped from the sheet and tried to climb on top of me, but I pushed her onto her back and sitting on her chest. I pinned her arms under my legs and rubbed my erection between her breasts as I reached back to pull off her pyjama bottoms off and throw them onto Carly. I continued thrusting and began rubbing between her legs, before suddenly moving forward to sit on her face, pushing my erection into her mouth as I'd done with Carly. Simultaneously I pulled her legs up into a matchbook pin, forcing her to tap out as I came in her mouth.

I picked Carly off the floor and lay her on my bed beside Helen, both girls panting and exhausted. I pulled them toward me and put them into a double bodyscissor, squeezing the two tightly until they gasped and tapped out for a third time. At this point I let them go and sat on their stomachs. "Ok girls, you lost," I said with a smile. "Time for a little punishment." The girls were too exhasted to protest and just stayed where they were. I lifted my legs, increasing the pressure on their stomachs, before putting a foot on each of their faces and forcing them to lick my feet. When they were done I let them rest for a while before sitting on their faces - first Helen's, then Carly's - and forcing a blowjob from each of them once again.

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