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Posted in Peeing in a dress (Girls only) on 2008-08-05 12:17:49

emmykay - why does your mom make you take your dress off to poo. Do you have to take it off to pee as well. When you poo how far down do you pull your knickers. Like just enough so you can poo, or half way to your knees or to your ankles or right off. Is she with you when you do a poo to make sure you take your dress off. Also do you have to take your skirt off if you are wearing one.

Posted in What is it about being bottomless? on 2008-08-04 11:42:45

Lots of times my sis just wears a tshirt at home and sometimes she has just her bra on as well. Her shirts are usually down to her knees so its hard to see anything. Also shes pretty careful about not being like that if anyone other than me or mom or dad is in the house. But one time my best bud came over and she was dressed like that and she got upset with our computer game and grabbed the controller. She was sitting on the couch with us and my bud kinda tried to pull it back and in the struggle she forgot I guess and her knees came wide open and we both got a full view of her with no panties.

Posted in Does your mom treat you like a baby? on 2008-08-01 11:35:58

My mom treats me like a baby too. We are about the same height but I'm kinda skinny so shes got to be heavier than me. But like the other day me and my best bud were going out and she came over and totally hugged me real close with her arms around me and said "My baby...just take care...OK". I was so embarrassed. It weirds me out a bit as well to feel her that close because I can feel her boobs and I'm really scared one day shes going to hug me when I have a boner and shes going to feel it.

Posted in HOT-OR-NOT? Middle school boyz only plz! on 2008-07-31 11:56:03

Wow, bet she's real hot. Is she cute to look at? How old is she? And she's got B size boobs. Send me a pic plzzzzzzzzzz.

Posted in Naked (girls only) on 2008-07-30 11:21:16