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User: ticklish boobs girl



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Posted in barefeet tickle torture on 2011-03-26 02:03:53

Didn't work for me

I am too! Favorite spot to be tickles are armpits, inbetween breasts, and $%!@. I especially love it when they use their tongue to tickle.

Posted in Tickled by siblings on 2008-08-28 01:28:04

I am the oldest of 4 sisters. I am 16, and my sisters names and age are Jenny who is 6, Nina who is 8 and Gem who is 10. My name is Tanya and I am EXTREMELY ticklish all over my body. My sisters know this from the numerous tickle fights we have. I would have to say that my 3 most ticklish spots are my belly, my toes, and my boobs. the thing that tickles them most is either a feather or a feather duster. I love to be tickled in anyway, but what I love what they do the most is use a feather and place it on my foot so that tickles me whenever I move. They most often tickle me during our tickle fights, but I almost always end up being gang tickled by all three of them, since they can do that pretty easily. They know all of my ticklish spots, and what gets the best reaction out of me. They love to use the plastic handcuffs my dad gave Jenny for her birthday to tie me to the bed. We usually play in our night wear. In my and Gem's case panties and a bra, in Jenny and Tanya's case sleeveless loose slik clothes that show off their bellies. they love to tickle me, and I love to be tickled by any girl (I'm a lesbian), but I usually end up topless 'cause they know it's my most ticklish spot on my whole body. They would tickle me so much I couldn't breath. They usually start one to each foot, and one standing behind me tickling my armpits and belly. They move to one tickling both feet and thighs, one tickling my belly and ribs, and one tickling my armpits and boobs. The usually end with taking off my bra and panties and use the feathers and vibrators they find around my room ( they're littered around my room). THey untie me and sleep with me for that night, with occasional tickling. I'll post my next "session" with them on this topic.