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Posted in The Rape Poll! on 2007-07-04 22:57:30

at 14 I was a painfully shy boy and could never go up and talk to a girl. At a party this older boy i guess noticed that I kept staring at this 12 year old girl at this party. He winked at me and told me he could arrange for me to be with her. I did not know what to think and just nodded to him. Later he told me to go to this room and check it out. I went into this bedroom and that girl was there passed out. I guess she had been ruffied. I knew it was wrong but I got really horny and started feeling her up. Her body was so sexy i could not stop and i fu_cked her $%!@ and $%!@. At least someone had left some condoms there and i used them. But then I hid her little thong panties in her pus_sy and took her 30aa bra as a trophy. I redressed her as best i could and left her but I guess the older boys went in after i did and raped her really bad. She never came back to our school. I felt really bad about it.

Posted in I groped my daughter in law/sons girlfriend on 2007-05-21 23:40:50

My daughter 12 had a friend, also 12, over for sleep over. It was very late and i met the friend in the kitchen. The girl was just wearing a thong and a tiny pushup bra. She blushed to have me see her like that but she started talking very sexy to me. I could not resist and reached out and caressed her breast. she did not resist and stood very close to me. she bit her lit and closed her eyes as i played with both her nipples. She said I could do anything I wanted and she would not tell anyone. I had her give me a b j. I could tell she was not very experienced but she was very enthusiastic. We started having sex whenever we could. She would come over pretending to look for my daughter knowing she was somewhere else. She let me do her mouth, p uss y and a ss and even put toys in her. This continued till she was 15.