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Posted in Females: Physically stronger? on 2008-06-13 23:55:36

Wait a minute, the pollster is MALE????

I thought he was a 12-year-old girl or something. Put it this way, I curl what he leg presses. I almost find his statements hard to believe.

I agree with Katie, there seem to be something wrong with him...a mixture of mutations, malnutrition, deformity, and an anemic lifestyle.

Posted in Ages at which girls can overpower boys on 2008-06-13 23:48:07

95 lbs., LOL.

God I love girls.

Posted in Girls vs. boys - who is stronger on 2008-05-22 23:19:17

OK, it's not "unbridgeable." But here's what the "bridge" is:

I've read that on average, if you take 200 people totally at random from the population, 100 men and 100 women, of similar age and divide them straight down the middle with regard to strength, statistically, the stronger half will consist of 97 men and 3 women, and the weaker half will be the reverse, 97 women and 3 men. Of course it'll vary depending on the specific people you choose, but that's the likelihood.

Put another way, an average man is likely to be stronger than 97 out of 100 women; an average woman is likely to be weaker than 97 out of 100 men. That is a HUGE difference.

I bet the tomboy girl you mentioned just started falling further and further behind; your story did end when she was 14. I'm sure she is "strong for a girl" (lol) but I bet most guys could surpass her with a not-too-serious workout routine, unless she is a seriously, seriously strong girl, in which case your story is WAY more of an excpetion than a rule.

Posted in Would you kill a human? on 2008-04-30 23:31:00

Would, have (many times), loved it (every time), would kill to do it again.

Posted in Girls vs. Boys Who's stronger? on 2008-03-21 17:58:51

Wow! VERY impressive. Most guys couldn't do that, for a girl that's borderline phenomenal. You must be a she-hulk!

Reason I asked was, most girls can do very few pullups at all, if any. Whereas most guys can do, say 5 or 10 or so. I think on the whole, guys are a lot stronger pound for pound than girls. And since they usually have more pounds on them to begin with, the strength difference is pretty huge.