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Posted in Bra Wearing by Men on 2010-03-29 20:14:18

It was refreshing to see the poll results and realize how many women would be supportive of their men wearing bras.

Posted in Bra Wearing by Men on 2010-03-29 20:11:19

It was refreshing to see the poll results and realize how many women would be supportive of their men wearing bras.

Posted in Toe Rings & Ankle Bracelets on Men on 2009-09-18 21:24:21

Good for you it is so refreshing to find another man who isn't afraid of what others think. Personally the only thing I have had pierced are my ears and I love to wear long dangly earrings, especially the type that thread through your ears rather then those with posts. I have always found it strange that men traditionally limit their choices of earrings to small studs. Either way your wearing earrings and the people who will judge you as a man for wearing long dangly earrings or large hoops will judge you just as harshly for wearing small studs.

In addition to earrings I also frequently wear a gold or silver chain around my neck as well as an ankle bracelet and toe ring. I like to wear polish and nail art on my toe nails and a nice toe ring and ankle bracelet really sets them off.

Strangely I don't look at this as being masculine or feminine as is the issue with most people. Instead I see it as an outward expression of my inner soul and makes me smile when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror or a pond.

It is such a shame that so many people out there choose to judge a person by what they perceive externally rather than whats on the inside. It's what you do in life that makes a difference not what you wear.

Posted in men wearing toenail polish on 2009-09-18 20:52:45

I always enjoy getting compliments on my pedicures and your right it's mostly women who end up commenting. I've also got some strange looks and glares from men and women alike and a couple of negative comments one even from a close relative. And when I do I always think how strange it seems that someone else is so concerned about my appearance, especially a total stranger. In the grand scheme of things it just seems so irrelevant. It would appear to me if I would go up to a women at the grocery store and say I just adore your toenail polish that she would more then likely haul off and slap me silly not to mention that I would probably quickly be labeled a pervert for staring.

My choice to wear toe nail polish is strictly that, my business. No one has anymore right to comment then I do about their yellow teeth or balding hair. It is such a shame that we have so many antiquated invisible gender barriers out there and people willing to judge others based on those norms. Wearing polish or even a dress has no correlation to ones sexual preferences or his gender it is no more than an outward expression of his zeal for life.

Believe me if every women who was ever seen wearing nail polish was branded as being prissy or every women who wears blue jeans was to be branded as being somehow less then a women the woman's movement would be up in arms. Don't we as men deserve the rights without branding.

My advice is to just wear the polish for how it makes you feel and ignore those little closed minded people. After all its not important what they think about your masculinity it's what you think that counts.

Posted in Men Wearing Bras on 2009-08-20 16:40:03

As a male who wears a bra I am at a loss at to why so many women opt out of wearing one. For me even the simplest of household tasks not to mention more vigorous activities such as jogging and tennis would be impossible without wearing one. Depending on the style and brand of bra I wear a cup size 40C or 42B. I live a regimented life exercising daily and carefully watch my diet so I am in very good shape but just happen to have a large amount of breast tissue. I was given my first sports bra by my wife who was a bit tired of hearing me complain about all the bouncing when I jogged. At first I scoffed a bit but as she put it I could do what I wanted with it but she didn't want to hear my complaining anymore if I wasn't willing to accept her help. After all she said its just a piece of cloth so why was I acting like such a sissy about it. So reluctantly the next morning as I was leaving to go jogging I put it on under my tee shirt and to my amazement it really helped. I fell in love with the way it supported me and hugged my body and soon bought myself several other sports bras.

Since that time she has presented me with several other types of bras, some for fun and some for daily use and I enjoy shopping with her when I need replacements. The first time or two we shopped I needlessly felt a tinge of embarrassment but my fears were quickly put at ease by the caring professional sales women who waited on us. What I don't understand is a society that propagates an artificial stigma to a sector of its population for taking advantage of wearing a garment that could truly improve their quality of their life based solely on traditional gender roles. I lost that stigma long ago and openly wear bras today and firmly believe that the underwear and support garments I choose to wear are nobody's business but my own. On several occasions I have even recommended them to many of my friends who suffer from my same affliction. As my wife so elegantly puts it "unfortunately there are too many so called macho men out there that fail to benefit from wearing a bra merely because they are petrified that somehow if they would put one on it would somehow mysteriously change their sexuality. My advice is that if the shoe fits wear it.