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Posted in Should the death penalty be eliminated? on 2007-12-14 08:36:48

People in prison are paid for by tax payers dollars

People who get sentenced to jail for the rest of their life... probably don't even want to live if they have to sit in their little room and do nothing all day every day for the rest of their life

People in prison for the rest of their life overall , cost tax payers quite a bit and if you gave them a choice of the rest of their life in prison Vs. Lethal injection they probably would just pick the lethal injection

Just my 2 cents about it

Posted in Global Warming on 2007-12-14 08:30:51

People need to quit bitching about cars making global warming

Volcanos naturally emit a ton of bad crap into the air every year too

What about them NASA spaceshuttles? Can you imagine the crap THAT must do? Yet nobody mentions it

Posted in Guys do you freeball? on 2007-09-27 07:24:01

Where the hells the "No" option in this poll?

Wearing no underwear sucks for multiple reasons : non cotton down there isnt comfortable... and 2... youd occasionally get skid marks in YOUR PANTS if you did that

Whats the point of wearing no underwear? a looser pair of boxers lets you hang out just as much... but with the comfort of cotton lol

Posted in Fall/ Cartoon Network on 2007-09-27 06:54:02

I think cartoon network went downhill a couple years ago

I can't even watch CN anymore because its so lame now

Back when it was Ed edd n Eddy / Dexters lab / PPG and all that stuff , with flintstones and jetsons during school hours... THAT was a worth watching channel

But now , fosters and lazlo and stuff is just ugh... my gym partner is a monkey is good though

CN needs a new wave of new cartoons that are high quality entertainment factor... get some new crap CN!!!!

Also... they need to go back to making NEW ed edd N eddy epsiodes... its CLEARLY the best cartoon they ever did , do , or ever will have ... apparently CN is going nowhere but down in my opinion

If they didn't have [adult swim] at night time I probably would NEVER even try putting my TV on that channel

Posted in Favorite nu-metal band on 2007-09-27 06:38:11

Disturbed is hands down the best band on this list :D