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Posted in Canada Vs. America on 2007-01-27 05:47:16

I am a 15 year old Canadian getting dual citizenship (dad was born in USA). Personally, I like both countries equally, completely love the weather in Hollywood (especially missing a week of snowstorms in Southern Ontario, where I live), but proud to say i'd Canadian. But downtown L.A is exactly like downtown Toronto so they're pretty much equal from what i've seen :)


Posted in If I ever needed help in my life, I need it now. on 2007-01-27 05:36:57

good chances are that she likes you.... but another guy a litttle bit more. so if he says no, shes gonna be all over you.

Posted in Your help plz! Who should I date? on 2007-01-27 05:34:37

josh all the way! he sounds like completely awesome, and sure he may not be the "most attractive" but... hey, less competition for him then? lol

Posted in should i dump my boyfriend?? on 2007-01-27 05:31:44

you say you dont "love him anymore" after dating him for a MONTH. unless you've known him for a while before dating, how the hell do you figure you loved him and then fell out of love with him in a matter of a month. it takes a LOT longer than that.

"excuse me? r u lyk sayin that middle skool girls dont hav anythin down ther??"

No offense, but do you have any clue how pathetic you seem, typing like that. u do not typ lyk tis to b kool u kno. Because, seriously, it just makes you seem lame.

PS to creator of this poll : YOU DIDN'T INCLUDE CANADA IN THE LIVING AREA! That I noticed anyways... But it's also late at night and im tired so.... Yup