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User: just another care kid


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Posted in Adoption on 2007-01-23 22:38:06

and im 1 of the people whos opinion matters most, ok im not up 4 adoption, but only cos my mums still alive, but i assume the same rules have 2 apply to fostering as adoption. i dont care what kind of sex foster parents like as long as there kind people. I cant rank them by sexuality. as 4 the things e1 implies about gay people i just know i was raped by a married straight guy with a good career as a social worker, mayb we should only let gay people b in charge of kids.

Posted in School Uniforms on 2007-01-19 17:57:52

My school is actualy quiet good but i do h8 the uniform its a blue tarten kilt, blue knee socks flat black shoes white blouse tie and blue blazer. its so old fashoned its stupid.

Posted in Have you been raped? (for womens only) on 2007-01-18 20:10:52

missing option

most of the polls miss it out, careworkers/social services, its worse than parents cos ur sposed 2 b able 2 trust them when ur family isnt there 4 u.

Posted in Is Rape a Serious Problem? on 2007-01-18 19:40:33

I can see youre trying 2 b borat, problem is he is a funny comedian but i think u might believe it.

1 rape every 3 seconds, thats not just in your town or in your country, but among 6 billion people worldwide. , suddenly a lot more likely.

i think i kno what he/she means, i was raped by my social worker when i was a child ( i supose i mean when i was a younger child cos im 15 now). i hate that the guy got just 8 years in prison and may even be out this year, sometimes when it comes up like in citizenship class at school i wish we had the death penalty for him. but then most of the time i think about it and what good would it do, it wouldnt make me not b raped, it wouldnt undo the trust and anger problems i now have, all it would b is 1 more man dead, and i no he has kids cos i saw them in the court, so they would hav lost there dad.

maybe if we had the death penalty i wouldnt b having dreams about him coming after me when he gets out but maybe i would b dreaming about his dead body. i feel if we say its wrong 2 kill people then the govenment shouldnt kill people either.